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How fast do planes travel?

  • the average speed for a plane is 500 to 900 miles per an hour.

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  • Answer: the average speed for a plane is 500 to 900 miles per an hour.
  • Answer: Conventional jet liners in which air travel occurs max out at about 400 to 500 miles per hour, where the X-43 unmanned military plane, the US claims, has topped Mach 9.6, or over 7,000 mph.
  • Answer: the stratosphere.
  • Answer: over 14 mph
  • Answer: The US air force just successfully tested a new plane that uses a new type of engine called a pulse detonation engine, that is supposed to fly at mach 6. Although the speed of sound varies by conditions, it is about 700 mph so mach 6 would be about 4200 mph. Speeds above mach 5 are called hypersonic.A pulse detonation engine is a pulse jet that creates about 1000 explosions per minute in a high preasure chamber as opposed to a steady normal burn of fuel. It creates a huge amount of power and is very fuel efficient but also creates extreme noise and vibration.
  • Answer: In 1934 all planes travelled exactly 13m/s.
  • Answer: It depends on the airplane...little planes like Cessnas can land doing about 60 knots, King Airs land at about 100 knots, Boeing 747s need about 150...
  • Answer: Before planes were invented, people would travel by railroad, horseback, or by wagons except for the wealthy who could travel with automobiles.
    Long travel was done by ship. Other kinds were horses in carriages and some small-ish cars.
  • Answer: Because they supposed to pass the atmosphere rather than just flying over the entire world.
  • Answer: There are really too many reasons to make an exhaustive list, but it has a lot to do with suspensions, rolling friction vs. wind resistance, obstacles and hazards, and the propulsion systems used.
  • Answer: Terminal velocity (top speed) for a human falling through the air is about 120mph. Even though gravity attempts to continuously increase velocity at a rate of 30 ft/sec for every second of fall, increasing air density prevents the increase.
  • Answer: Fighter jets were designed to shoot down enemy aircraft. Because the enemy had fighter jets of their own to protect their aircraft, it was important to make them as fast and maneouverable as possible. It should be noted that the aircraft is only as good as its pilot.
  • Answer: The fastest passenger plane in 1955 was the DC7. It flew at about 375 miles an hour, however, it could fly faster than 400 miles an hour. Most airplanes flew faster than 300 miles an hour.