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  • Answer: T. R.H Laennec 1816
  • Answer: Some stethoscope manufacturers recommend that you clean your stethoscope with alcohol or soapy water, they also recommend keeping stethoscopes away from solvents. The flaw in this logic is that alcohol and soap ARE solvents that can actually accelerate the aging process of the vinyl, plastic and rubber parts of a stethoscope by dissolving the plasticizers that keep these parts flexible and looking new. This can leave the parts looking old, worn and eventually contribute to stiffening and cracking of the tubing.In addition, when they are manufactured stethoscopes with two sided chestpieces are lubricated where the chestpiece rotates around the stem and need to be re-lubricated periodically, just like any other machine. If these moving parts are not lubricated they grind together and ruin the fine tolerances required for the proper acoustic performance of the stethoscope. Cleaning the stethoscope will also remove lubricants making periodic lubrication essential.At this time there is only one system of products that has been developed specifically for the cleaning and maintenance of stethoscopes and other similar medical instruments and tested for assurance against potential detrimental effects (leaving surfaces feeling tacky or greasy, attracting dust, discoloration, etc) to treated surfaces. Praveni products are available where stethoscopes are sold and more information is available at
  • Answer: Stethoscopes can detect bodily sounds such as breath, cardiac, and abdominal sounds. In the hands of a skilled professional they can be used to detect abnormal heart sounds, bruits, and carotid blockages.
  • Answer: help doctor to know what to do to a medically suffering patient.
  • Answer: to check how people are breathing
  • Answer: What is a binaurals on a stethoscope
  • Answer: The inventer is Rene Laennec he is a french dude and discovered it in 1816
  • Answer: It is used so that doctors (or other trained medical professionals) can listen to the sound of your heart and lungs.
  • Answer: Yes in the third year of ur Bachelors u gona get it :)
  • Answer: Originally invented by Rene Laennec around 1816 in France, he developed this new instrument to try and help determine what pathology could be associated with certain bodily sounds.
  • Answer: Electronic stethoscopes can be purchased through most medical supply companies. You can also find them for sale on wesites such as Amazon, at an average cost of $150.
  • Answer: it means doctors use it to hear your heart and lungs in Greek its the same
  • Answer: Rene Laennec invented the stethoscope.
  • Answer: The two sides enable you to hear different sounds. The bell is used to hear higher notes (like murmurs) while the diaphragm enables one to hear lower notes.

What was the first stethoscope made of?

  • Wood. It was a carved wooden funnel that the doctor would place on your chest to listen to your heart beat.

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