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  • Answer: here r some webs
  • Answer: If no one was sexual you would not have a family.
  • Answer: function formaly evry times
  • Answer: Well jesus was a demi god he was the son of zeus and was very good friends with poseiden
  • Answer: because there all about health.
  • Answer: Caste system was made to keep people organised. People were forcedto believe that if you do bad karma you will take birth inuntouchables house and no one will respect you. This prevented thesocial order.
  • Answer: In Christianity, the ultimate purpose in life is " love God with all of your might, your soul..." and then moral acts will be its consequences.
  • Answer: Life science entails facts and methods living life. Life skills refers to application of these methods and interpretation of these facts in daily life.
  • Answer: Life Science is everywhere. Even breathing, which you are doing every second or two, is part of life science as it has to do with the necessity of oxygen in the body to energize cells so they can regenerate, metabolise food and eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation and even for our brain to process information. All of our organs need oxygen to function efficiently.
    The ability to do all the basic activities in life all depend on energy generated from oxygen. The entire thing I mentioned above, which is about breathing, is already life science. Even simple movements of flexing your biceps has to do with the muscular system, and that is life science. There are thousands of examples all around you, and even you, yourself, is life science and hence also an example that life science is part of your life.
  • Answer: Not even a flint knife or a club or a spear. Living would be in caves, or natural shelters, and defense from wild animals would be difficult. Not a tenable prospect.

    Even some of the natural animals employ technology - bees and wasps would be examples. And birds are known to extract ants from a colony by the use of a stick.
    Some ants grow fungi in their colony.
    So technology starts pretty early.
  • Answer: According to me the science of origin of the earth and the origin of the life studies the way and method and their existense and not the source of their origins
  • Answer: if you typed that question then you already know the answer
  • Answer: It is involved in everything you have. How your house is built your electronics are all science. And nature is all science too like acid rain pollution in the air comes down with the rain droplets.
  • Answer: Where science is able to record certain measurable "facts" from the events of our world and life, art is able to record the emotional, political, and personal attitudes and reactions to those events of our life.

    The painting "Geurnica" by Pablo Picasso is a well known painting displaying the devastation that the Spanish Civil War had caused the town of Guernica. Where science may be able to look at the buildings and land of this town and measure the physical affects of that war, the painting can show the emotional reactions and reflect the devastation which that war caused the people of Guernica.

How does driving in the car relate to life science?

  • cars are cool

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  • Answer: Definitely science and technology influences decision making not only in administrative establishments but also in society. For example science and technological developments influences the community in career selection ,the way we live, our habits and entertainment and every thing. This continuous research and improvements in science are a must for betterment of society.
  • Answer: Answer: no clue
  • Answer: Primarily, dancing relates to the scientific field of Biomechanics- the study of motion and life. Biomechanics relates to the efficiency of body motion and allows humans to optimise athletic performance e.g Usain Bolt!
  • Answer: Technology is a direct result of years of science being put to work to better the lives of millions. Without science, there can be no technology.
  • Answer:
    biology is the study of living organisms. in lots of the cases, diseases are caused by other living organisms (except for viruses which are classified as micro-organisms). viruses will kill cells in our body, making us sick, but mostly the sick feeling and fever is just our body trying to fend it off. fungi will also grow on living cells, using up their share of nutritions, therefore killing it. bacterias, although some are helpful also cause disease in our body by giving off toxins (poison, acid)
  • Answer: Simply because technology is the application of Science. :)
  • Answer: Science relates to technology because science created technology.It was the knowledge and experimentation of science that lead tothe creation of technology.
  • Answer: For you to help diagnose and treat a patient you have to knowscience. Science is apart of everyday life and while you may notknow science is apart of you.
  • Answer: they relate because they are same thanks a lot for the information
  • Answer: Well, One could take into consideration the ingredients for making the brownies, endothermic and exothermic properties in the baking, the technology in the oven and in the tools used to mix the ingredients.
  • Answer: Debate created a path for me being more of a free thinking individual. Presenting many different arguments for and against anything not proven to be fact enabled my ability to examine every argument possible before making an educated decision. All these arguments also lead to the idea that right and wrong is relative to time and place, so debate lead to reason and without reason, being self aware is wasted. To debate with an open mind, is the willingness to change when change is called for no matter the time or place or the relativity of the situation. Every aspect of life is related to debate no matter whether openly debated or not because a decision is made either way and decisions are all we are.
  • Answer: Charles Law is used when tires get overheated on hot summer days and burst. Charles Law also works in balloons. When they are outside on a winter day they seem to shrink, but when you put them back into a warm room they "inflate" again.
  • Answer: DEFINITELY! Health does relate to your life! Did you ever hear the saying "you are what you eat," well that saying is true. If you eat lots of junky foods, then you will become heavy or overweight. Some people choose to be heavy or overweight because they want to die, so they eat lots of unhealthy foods. so health definitely relates to your health.

    Sources: health class