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  • Answer: Alvarez-Leite, J. I. "Nutrient Deficiencies Secondary to Bariatric Surgery." Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care 7 (September 2004): 569-575.
  • Answer: ORTHOPEDISTORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS THESE ARE PHYSICIANS TRAINED TO specifically repair damage or anomolies of the skeletal system; spine, bones, joints etc... Their general focus is the neck, back, arms, elbows, hands, hips, knees, feet, ankles and the like. A family doctor will refer a patient to an orthopedist when the patient needs a physician who works in this particular area of medicine.
  • Answer: Richard Nixon invented the modern scalpel and the electron microscope.
  • Answer: In Texas the best plastic surgeons are: Franklin A. Rose (nose, face, breast, lipo, tummy-tuck), Dr. Lee Steeley (lipo, tummy-tuck), Dr. Philip Yosowitz ( natural conservative eyes, face), Lisa Santos ( face, tummy-tuck) , Fred Aguilar (nose, ears), Michael Ciarivino (breasts first time), Dr. Jacobo Varon (Latin patients), Germain Newell (Latin patients). Steve Hamilton, Dr. Franklin A. Rose (breast redos, cancer reconstruction, nose jobs, face lifts).
  • Answer: Surgeons should have Eagles eyes, Lions heart, Ladies fingers, and Cool as a cucumber
  • Answer: It all depends on the degree basically, but generally if they all had the same years of experience and training, cardiac surgeons generally make the most.
  • Answer: Day or Night, the work sees no sunlight distinction. High paced, high energy, high stress, low paying job with outcomes that oftenly are very self gratifying. The day starts before 7a. The first elective case in the OR begins at 7:30a. Generally, a surgeon has a 2.2 case average per day, not counting assisting. Rounding in the hospital on new and old patients fills the rest of the day. Call carries through the night, once or twice a week. Weekends are split among the available surgeons. Usually one to two weekends a month.
  • Answer: no they do not really travel unless you choose to travel
  • Answer: Surgeons need to function well under pressure and be able to work in a team. In addition, they need an exceptional knowledge of the human body and surrounding surgical procedures. Fine motor skills such as a steady hand are also paramount particularly for intricate surgical speciliaties such as neurosurgery.

    You also need to be committed, determined and competitive. Places for surgeons are very very limited. You need to be willing to learn your whole life. It may take up to 20 years to become a fully registered and qualified surgeon.

How much do bariatric surgeons make?

  • $400,000

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