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  • Answer: Your body is made up of fat, water, proteins, so on. Obesity is determined by your fat level. When your body has too much fat, you are at risk of many health problems. High blood pressure, blood clots, diabetes, high cholesterol, and stroke, are some that an obese person could be dealing with. Depression is also something that could show up, if you are the type to experience depression. When you become obese, its harder for your body to break down most of your fat, which leads to your heart having more work to do, which could lead to High blood pressure, Blood clots, and heart conditions.

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  • Answer: Malnutrition is caused by an absence of food or nutrients or an over-abundance of food or nutrients. Some of the signs and symptoms of malnutrition are Anemia, Weight loss, decreased muscle mass and weakness. Some long term effects of malnutrition can be poor growth and problems with organ function.
    The Effects Of Malnutrition are typically dizziness and nausea. Consult a doctor if these symptoms are severe.
  • Answer: u get tired. u gain items(?)...isnt it kinda obvious?
  • Answer: Dont eat people and buffer
  • Answer: Dizziness and you have a hard time seeing where your going. Youn dont see very well. You might see an object that is in your way but it really isnt.
  • Answer: say if i went to a show the sound effects would probally be

    1. mouuuuuuum
    2.bitz bitz
    3.boom boom
    4.pop pop
    5.cling cling
  • Answer: Typical effectsPrimary effects
    • Physical damage- Can range anywhere from bridges, cars, buildings, sewer systems, roadways, canals and any other type of structure.
    • Casualties- People and livestock die due to drowning. It can also lead to epidemics and diseases.
     Secondary effects
    • Water supplies- Contamination of water. Clean drinking water becomes scarce.
    • Diseases- Unhygienic conditions. Spread of water borne diseases
    • Crops and food supplies- Shortage of food crops can be caused due to loss of entire harvest.
    • Trees - Non-tolerant species can die from suffocation
     Tertiary/long-term effects
    • Economic- Economic hardship, due to: temporary decline in tourism, rebuilding costs, food shortage leading to price increase etc, especially to the poor.

  • Answer: There are many different effects like diseases but it depends how badly you eat. Possible diseases are:heart disease, bilema, cancer, strokes, heart attacs and sranes to your heart
  • Answer: the efect of healthy is that we can be sick
  • Answer: infatuation will not see the correct information from who we are looking.
  • Answer: This depends almost entirely on the pattern of alcohol consumption. Moderate drinking, especially when done regularly, is associated with better health and greater longevity than abstaining. However, abusive consumption, particularly when done regularly, tends to increase health and safety risks.
  • Answer: well it got us a lot of are rights today and it also got us are freedom
  • Answer: Skin deterioration By the way this is an 11 year old girl
  • Answer: flood can be cause by the clogging of grains and heavy rainfalls
  • Answer: What type of crime? there are all sorts of different crimes.Consider house burglary-somebody breaks into your house and takes your money,television,radio,etc.You start with loss of goods or treasured possessions.You home may be damaged,so might your peace of mind and the rest of your family/friends.You may have insurance and you may get some money back.But your premiums will increase and you have to buy replacements.Perhaps you feel you need to upgrade your security systems.there are all sorts of losses involved-financial,emotional,time,energy etc..You may be visited by the police who may need details of stolen items.You may even go to court and give evidence if the criminal is caught.These are more effects in an ever wider circle of effects.

Effects of urbanisation?

  • Effects of urbanization include putting more buildings and peoplecloser together. This has made the Earth hotter because there arefewer trees are in these areas.

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