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  • Answer: There is always pre-ejaculate so yes. Bodily fluids that contain the disease can still be transferred.
  • Answer: When sperm is weak, what happens is that they are not strong enoughto swim up the birth canal to the fallopian tube. This makesfertilization of an egg rather unlikely.
  • Answer: Because your vagina is an open cavity... This is normal.If you are trying to get pregnant, your are therefore advised to remain on your back after sex for a few more minutes, with your pelvis a bit elevated.
  • Answer: Waste sperm? I assume you mean masturbating. Nothing happens, you make more every day for most of your life.
  • Answer: Compared to certain bacterial and viruses sperm are quite large.
    They are larger than the HIV virus for instance.
  • Answer: They have strong tails for swimming
  • Answer: Yes he will, he can feel it rushing
  • Answer: If you are asking "What causes unstimulated ejaculation?" Then the answer is mental or unconscious stimulation. There is either a mental cue that releases semen, or some stimulation of the glans, the shaft of the penis, the testicles or the prostate that is not obvious to the individual. Now, post-coital release of semen is also common, sometimes for up to several hours after intercourse (manual solo or with a partner).

    However, if you are curious about the possibility of pregnancy...

    Sperm cells are constantly being produced in the testes. A single sperm is needed to fertilize an ovum, but the human reproductive system relies on thousands of sperm cells and several chemicals in semen to ensure that fertilization occurs.

    Most men produce a decent level of testosterone through the age of 30. Testosterone is a hormone that is required to maintain healthy sperm cells. The older you get, the less healthy your sperm cells.

    So, if your question is "can I get a woman pregnant during intercourse without ejaculation?" Then, the answer is yes, especially if you are less than 25 years old.
  • Answer: only one
  • Answer: Sperm tastes likes saltwater it tasted better than I thought
  • Answer: it allows the sperm to swim
  • Answer: Sperm moves by pushing itself along a surface - swimming. If it is dry, it wont move.
  • Answer: They have sperms to make babies. When a guys sperm is mixed with a girls a egg a baby is made
  • Answer: It means that you have been swimming too much.

Can you kill sperms by hot towel wraps?

  • No, though sperm formation benefit from the lower temperature in the testes, increased temperature will not kill them.

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