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  • Answer: a bilateral mistake of fact is when both parties that entered an agreement are in error. In such case the mistake goes to
    1. a basic assumption,
    2. if it has a material affect on the exchange and
    3. if the affected party does not bear the risk of the mistake, which means if the risk is allocated by the contract, if the party was aware that the did not know everything, but believed they knew enough and if the risk is allocated by the court because it is reasonable.
  • Answer: A cyst is a fluid filled sac. Bilateral means both, therefore the meaning is: Fluid filled sacs in both breasts.
  • Answer: In anatomy, a body part that appears on both sides of the midline.
  • Answer: Bilateral basilar pneumonia affects the lower part of the inferiorlobe of both lungs. It can be caused by a virus or bacteria and isusually treated with antibiotics.
  • Answer: "Bilateral" means both the knees are concerned.
    "replacement" probably means a prothesis will be put instead of the bone and flesh knee.
    To elaborate on above answer bilateral knee replacement is a surgical procedure where in knee replacement surgeon replaces both arthritic knees of patients in a same hospitalization period.
  • Answer: A bilateral tubal ligation with cauterization is a permanent formof birth control. Both fallopian tubes are severed and cauterizedduring the procedure.
  • Answer: Bilateral Periorbital Hematoma is simply a black eye or a shiner. The so-called black eye is caused by bleeding beneath the skin and around the eye.
  • Answer: Some of the symptoms of Pulmonary Bilateral Tuberculosis aresweating, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Other symptoms of PBT areweight loss, trouble breathing and wheezing.
  • Answer: A bilateral contract is an exchange of promises the law willenforce. A contract requires an offer, acceptance, andconsideration. An advertisement is generally considered aninvitation for an offer. In consumer transactions, a buyer istypically the offeror. The advertisement serves as the sellersinvitation to the buyer to make an offer, thus the offer could berejected by the seller. However, an advertisement could beconstrued as a valid offer if it contains clear and definitiveterms. For example: Playstation 4 for 50% off to first 10customers. The terms are clear and there is nothing left tonegotiate. This would actually be a unilateral contract whichbecomes binding upon performance by the buyers.
  • Answer: yes

    a post-mortom report I have shows that this was the cause of death for a loved one, one day fine, next day suddenly unwell, day after dead.
  • Answer: Anode, Cathode and Gate. Like in a SCR
  • Answer: Antituberculosis medication of multidrug regime for 9 months. Four medicines for two months followed by two medicines for seven months. The duration and medicines differ from time to time from country to country depending on its National Tuberculosis Treatment Programme. The medicines used are Isoniazide, Rifampicin, Ethambutol, Pyrazinamide. Pyridoxine is always added along with Isoniazide.
  • Answer: Facet joints are where certain bones fit together such as in the vertebral column. An effusion is escape of fluid into a part or tissue, and bilateral of course means on both sides. Bilateral facet joint effusion indicates fluid being released on both sides of the vertebrae.

What is bilateral adnexal hypodensities?

  • Bilateral adnexal hypodensities are shown as masses on the adnexalpart of the uterus. These masses could be malignant or benign.

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  • Answer: Bilateral adnexal hypodensities are shown as masses on the adnexalpart of the uterus. These masses could be malignant or benign.
  • Answer: Density is a measurement of mass per unit of volume, so a hypodense area has less mass for a given volume.

    Typically this means it weighs less for a particular size. The implications of this depend on the particular tissue being asked about, and by what is causing the hypodensity.
  • Answer: A bilateral mammogram is a procedure done by a health care expertin order to evaluate breast tissues for abnormalities. Theseabnormalities could include cysts or breast cancer.
  • Answer: Bilateral means the patient has the infection in both lungs.
  • Answer: Bilateral Oligopoly is a market structure in which a few sellers and a few buyers exist and both demand and supply sides have market power. There is no absolute equilibrium defined for such structure. the example is the intermediate goods market that is a few suppliers compete each other to sell and a few buyers compete to buy. collusion may happen on both sides.
  • Answer: Pyelectasis is when the renal pelvis is dilated. Bilateral meansthat it occurs on both sides of the pelvis. This is a disease thatis commonly discovered during ultrasound appointments when apatient is pregnant.
  • Answer: A bilateral contract is a contract which requires agreement and performance from both parties to the contract. Most of what we think of as contracts are bilateral in nature. One party promises to do X and the other party promises to do Y. Bilateral contracts may not require negotiation but often this is a component.

    In contrast a unilateral contract occurs where one party makes an offer and the other party may accept by performance rather than by offering something in return. If you offer $5 to the first person who will bring you a hotdog, a unilateral contract is formed when someone performs the condition and provides you with a hotdog. If on the other hand Person A responds to you unilateral offer that he will agree to bring you a hotdog for $5 a bilateral contract is formed if you agree to accept his offer/counteroffer.
  • Answer: when each of two opposing sides agree to an exchange of a type with an end-goal in sight that is mutually acceptable to both parties.
  • Answer: A bilateral system is where both parts of a system are equallyimportant for the proper function of the system. The two partiesare directly affected by the system functions which makes themdependent to each other.
  • Answer: Bilateral kidney cysts are cysts in BOTH kidneys.
  • Answer: To: Whom it may concern Help!!
    I have medical problem in my left & right leg and with extremity swelling above and below of the knees. I have been diagnosis with peripheral vascular disease, left & right lower extremities. I also had MRI-Angiography of both lower extremities pathologies with similar symptoms. Conclusion: Grade II chondromalacia of the left & right knees, with hyper signal and fibrillation in the surface of the cartilage.
    I was in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years and I was an Aircraft Mechanic and work on the flight line and hangers repairing B-17’s, P-51D, F-80’s, T-33’s , F-86’s, F-102’s and F-106’s , F-4E’s, F-16’s aircraft etc. During the Korean War, Vietnam War, Global Cold War and simulated war exercises for training.
    Now, what I like to know is; how does one develop or acquire this problem that I have?
    Was it because; I was working, standing, walking and runing  on concrete cement ramp (flight line) were the Aircraft are parked or undergoing repair or inspection, during my 28 years in the Air Force?
    Vincent J. Bianco, SMSGT, Retired U.S. Air Force  
  • Answer: Yes! You still have your ovaries.
  • Answer: Bilateral Renal Function is a chronic kidney disease. It isidentified by a blood test for creatinine. thee are five stages ofchronic kidney disease.
  • Answer: The holes on the left and right side of the spinal cord that the nerves are protected in from top of spine to lower spine.