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What are anti-tetanus serum drugs?

  • Anti-tetanus serum drugs are the medications which are injected asa vaccine to prevent a person from getting tetanus. The mostcommonly used drug is called tetanus toxoid.

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  • Answer: Anti-tetanus serum drugs are the medications which are injected asa vaccine to prevent a person from getting tetanus. The mostcommonly used drug is called tetanus toxoid.
  • Answer: You give the antitetanus serum because it contains passive antibodies that can immediately start attacking any antigens if present. While that is going on, the body reacts to the toxoids injected into it by producing its own antibodies, this process is slow thus we need the antitetanus serum for immediate protection.
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  • Answer: Either can be given to a 3 year old. The anti tetanus serum should be given if there is reason to believe the child has not been immunized against tetanus before and has been exposed.
    If the child has been immunized, and there is reason to believe that they have been infected, the toxoid should be administered.
  • Answer: The best answer I have found relating to the "difference" between toxoid and anti serum or anti toxin revolves more around the reason for application. While both may give the same result, the reason for application of each is quite different.Toxoids are given with a view to preventing or avoiding infection. Anti-toxins and Anti-serums are given in medical emergency when it might otherwise be too late to save a life. So, Toxoid to avoid or Anti-toxin in need of quick fixin!Harvey
  • Answer: Anti-tetanus serum is also known as tetanus immune globlulin. In the US, commercial brands available include HyperTet and BayTet. Blood from people who have been immunized with tetanus vaccine is processed to get the tetanus antibodies, which is injected to prevent tetanus in an un-immunized person.
  • Answer: anti tetanus serum is for preventing tetanus. When a wound is made by rusty weapon or infected with mud then the anti tetanus serum used as intramuscular injection.
  • Answer: Tetox is part of a number of vaccines given to babies. It is repeated every 10 years. If there was an injury which may be tetanus prone (a dirty wound, or a puncture wound) and it had been 5 years since your last shot, It is likely you would be given another to ensure you were covered against tetanus.
  • Answer: Anti tetanus serum is injected to prevent a person from gettingtetanus. The indications for giving this medication are when apatient has a deep puncture wound or cut, especially with itemswhich are dirty because the bacteria which causes tetanus is knownto be present in dust and soil.
  • Answer: The composition of your anti-tetatus serum is the attenuated or "weakened" causitive agent of Tetanus, the bacteria called Clostridium tetani. In contrast with your Tetanus Toxoid, it contains not the bacteria but the toxin produced by the C. tetani, also in weakened form. Doctor Q.U. Ack,BSB,RMT,MD
  • Answer: prophylaxis and treatment of tetanus
  • Answer: The purpose of anti-tetanus serum is to prevent someone fromgetting tetanus, otherwise known as lockjaw. Tetanus is caused bybacteria which is commonly found in the soil and is transmittedthrough deep flesh wounds such as stepping on a nail or getting cutby other objects. Getting injected with the serum will prevent thebacteria from causing tetanus.