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  • Answer: 1.lack of education 2.location 3.racial 4.gender discrimination 5.economic shifts
  • Answer: It depends on what type of deficiency it is. One can be deficient in many ways, you would need to be a bit more specific.
  • Answer: i have no clue to the answer to this question
  • Answer: japan can go suck a **** they all have lil nuts.....straiqht up homie skillet biscuit..
  • Answer: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. ;-/)
  • Answer: For many people a better life due to the fertile land which made productive agriculture, which increased the population and is one of the reasons why USA is a superpower today.
  • Answer: Alkalosis... are you in A&P II??
  • Answer: A carcinogen is a chemical or other product that can cause cancer.There are many different cancers that can affect both humans andanimals. Different chemicals of this type cause different cancersto develop.
  • Answer: After 3 days of fighting, the under-equipped Cuban exiles were killed or captured, and Castro castigated the US as warmongers. The immediate effect was that it embarrassed the US and reinforced the image of Kennedy as a young and inexperienced leader.

    In an indirect way, it may have saved us all. The plan was formulated by Eisenhower but he left office before it was executed. When Kennedy arrived in Washington it was presented to him as something already approved by Eisenhower, the older more experienced leader, and he was pressured by his generals to allow it to proceed.

    The generals knew that the plan as outlined would fail. They knew they needed more troops to succeed but also knew that Kennedy would likely call it off rather than expand it. They withheld their predictions so that Kennedy would not cancel it thinking that when defeat was imminent he would have no choice but to authorize more troops. Instead, Kennedy let it go down as a defeat and took the embarrassment.

    In 1962, when the US learned that the Russians were building nuclear missile launch sites in Cuba (the "Cuban Missile Crisis") those same generals advised Kennedy to bomb and invade Cuba before the Russians could put warheads within striking distance of US soil. After the crisis was resolved with a blockade rather than open conflict, Kennedy told friends that if it had not been for his Bay of Pigs experience he might have trusted the generals and followed their advice.

    Some 50 years later, declassified documents revealed that the Russians had already succeeded in building nuclear missile sites in Cuba and that the order had been given to launch them in the event of an invasion. So if it had not been for the Bay of Pigs there is a good chance that the Cuban missile crisis would have resulted in nuclear warheads being launched on the US, triggering the start (and maybe the finish) of World War III.
  • Answer: Under weight, healthy weight, over weight, obese
  • Answer: some very common results of bullying are suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem and even death.
  • Answer: the economic condition of the colonial countries like Russia and Britain drastically reduced and so the other countries which were under their control waged a war, they were known as the third world countries, and declared themselves independent. for example- in India,the economical condition of the Britishers became short after the two world wars. and so Indians got an opportunity to revolt against them and fight for their independence.
  • Answer: Bulimia is a deadly eating disorder. It is characterized by self-inflicted vomiting after eating. It causes stomach acids to eat away at the esophagus, teeth and gums. It can cause fatal internal bleeding, among other things.
    The two possible results of bulimia are: 1) recovery by the adoption and faithful (not perfect) adherence to a set of clearly explained and easily understood behaviors/actions. 2) slow and painful death.

If your doctor gives you a reading of 120 over 80 the results are good The results of what?

  • Blood pressure test

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