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How do you prevent germs?

  • The best way to prevent germs is to bathe daily along with washing your hands frequently throughout the day. Also it is always good to avoid unsanitary objects and locations.

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  • Answer: Always wash your hands before eating a meal. Example: Dirty hands, after using restroom. If you are going somewhere, make sure you have germ hand sanitizer! Thank you! - @yourservice
  • Answer: The best way to prevent germs is to bathe daily along with washing your hands frequently throughout the day. Also it is always good to avoid unsanitary objects and locations.
  • Answer: You can wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. When trying on things like bras at stores, check to see if it is stickey anywhere or is a different shade of colour than the other parts. If it does try on something else.
  • Answer: You call a company that cleans office equipment. Like the computers, printers, telephones, and fax machines. Call DAVROSS at 856-745-1481.
  • Answer: In the environment and on surfaces, products are referred to as "antiseptics" and "anti-microbial." For germs in a living organism, the term is "antibiotics."

    To reduce the spread of germs, a simple way is to wash your hands. It greatly reduced the number of infections when hospitals began enforcing the rule for doctors and nurses.
  • Answer: no soap is reall poo
  • Answer: yeah

  • Answer: The majority of disease-causing organisms enter the body in one of 4 ways: (a) into a break in the skin such as a cut or other wound; (b) into the digestive tract by way of the mouth; (c) into the respiratory tract in the air you breathe; (d) into the eye.To prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your body, you need to address the above 4 avenues of attack.(1) There is wide agreement among medical experts that the first measure of protection against infection is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.(2) You should carefully wash any break in the skin, and keep it clean and protected until healing is well under way. An antibacterial medication might also be used. Use of an antibiotic medication is usually not advisable unless the signs of a local infection are present (unusual redness and swelling). Large or seriously infected wounds should be attended to by a medical professional.(3) Avoid rubbing your eyes; if you must rub or wipe your eyes, make sure to use a clean tissue or freshly-washed hands.(4) The US Department of Health and Human Services suggests that covering coughs and avoiding crowds are the best means of avoiding respiratory infection. It also advises that household use of disposable face masks is "ineffective for controlling seasonal respiratory disease". Studies show that face masks are only partially effective and then only when worn by large numbers of people on a regular basis. In other words, in order for face masks to be somewhat effective, everybody in the room (or crowd) needs to wear one.(5) Eat only raw foods that have been carefully washed and foods that have been properly cooked. Ill people should not be permitted in food preparation areas. Food of questionable quality should be discarded, not eaten.
  • Answer: Covering the mouth does help the spread of germs because when you let your hands go, you touch stuff. When you want to touch it again you get the germs back.and other people who touch the same thing you touch.
  • Answer: Your skin is the biggest thing that protects your body.
  • Answer: The immune system is aided by mainly Vitamin C which helps boost the immune system to build defenses to most diseases. Also it is called immunity which heps protect the body from an infection after the first time.
  • Answer: go to and it will tell you.
  • Answer: There are many different appearances that germs can take on. Theseappearances range from dots to many strange shaped objects.
  • Answer: Some "germs" or bacteria and viruses cause disease and sickness in general. However, some bacteria are neutral or helpful to the human body.
  • Answer: yes they have there fore they are able to reprodeuce and grow