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What responsible for autonomic reflexes?

  • spinal cord

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  • Answer: Autonomic reflexes concerning digestive, smooth muscle, respiration all have to do with the Peripheral Nervous System (ANS, SNS, and ENS). <-- look it up if you dont know what that is.

    But the CNS is only the brain and the spinal cord... and there arent any autonomic reflexes there.
  • Answer: The main integrating centers for most autonomic reflexes are in thehypothalamus and brainstem.
  • Answer: A. abdominal reflex
    B. Achilles jerk
    D. corneal reflex
    E. crossed extensor reflex
    F. gag reflex
    G. patellar reflex
    H. plantar reflex
  • Answer: They are the devices which contain pads that are put onto domaines bare chest to deliver an electric current through the heart to restart it.
  • Answer: Im sorry, but there is no cure :( , but there are medicines doctors can prescribe to you.
  • Answer: The autonomic system regulates contraction and secretion within the body.It regulates/controls:
    • cardiac and smooth muscle
    • secretions of the exocrine gland
    • it controls some endocrine secretions
    • it controls some  adipose tissue

  • Answer: true A+
  • Answer: -Learn a martial art : This will help increase the speed of your reflexes as well as improve body and hand-eye coordination
    -Video games: This may sound stupid but can actually be quite important fast paced video games are known to increase hand-eye coordination such as Wii (Doctors have been known to recommend video games to people with bad hand-to-eye coordination.)
    -Try to take up juggling , this will also improve your eye coordination, start juggling with 2 balls and gradually work yourself up towards the big numbers like 7 or 8. I know it sounds daunting, but have a go!
    -also take up physical sports or even just simple catch!
  • Answer: our reflexes are natural motions that the human body uses to protect its-self, an example would be
    if somebody was to throw a ball at you, you would either try to catch it or dodge out of the way, (if you were palying dodge ball).
  • Answer: normally as you get older your reflexes are much slower because your brain is much slower.
  • Answer: root reflex
    suck reflex
    Moro reflex
    toric reflex
    grasp reflex
    babinski reflex
    step reflex

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  • Answer: The reflexes of an infant are the following, Moro, Sucking, Tonic reflex,Babinski, Plantar reflex and etc.
  • Answer: YOU just Practice
  • Answer: sympathatic and parasympathatic