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  • Answer: Some are legal, some are not. Both caffeine and cocaine are examples of stimulants.
  • Answer: Legal drugs are ones that you can take without getting in trouble, illegal drugs are ones that you will get busted for taking.
  • Answer: marijuana. (or any over the counter cough suppressant). also prescription pills.
  • Answer: Illegal!Legal means its ok.
    but WEED is illegal.
  • Answer: Euthanasia is illegal in all states of the United States ofAmerica. Euthanasia is however legal in some of the Europeancountries like the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Answer: It depends on what country you are asking about.
  • Answer: what type of stimulant can you buy in Fl WITHOUT BREAKING THE LAW
  • Answer: Tobacco is legal for adults to buy in all 50 states. It is illegal for minors to buy or possess tobacco.
  • Answer: It is legal if you get it through a Pharmacist.
  • Answer: anti-diarrheal drug chemically similar to narcotic drugs; alters the motility of the intestine
  • Answer: It occurs all the time and any drug can be abused. In most cases, drugs that are legal when prescribed by a doctor are illegal if they are obtained through any other means.

    Yes if people use drugs the wrong way they can become illegal.
  • Answer: Yes! iCPv3 is perfectly legal! Read what iCP said here-

    Truth: iCP is perfectly legal. The server was coded by the iCP team, and the client was also coded by the iCP team. The client loads an SWF, and then modifies variables, just like a trainer! (OBVIOUS NOTE: Trainers are legal)

    And when you log in, it will say all rights go to the rightful owner of Club Penguin. It is so much fun and you can type in codes just to get answers! You can advertize your blog or YouTube too!

    So I highly encourage you to enjoy playing iCPv3! What are you waiting for?
  • Answer: marijuana

    it can be prescribed by a doctor for medical reasons...but is also illegal because it is used to get high
  • Answer: Being an undocumented alien is a statutory tort against the state, the remedy for which could be removal from the country, which could make it difficult or impossible to cohabitate with your spouse. However, if you prove the marriage is genuine for the purposes of immigration law, you may be able to use that as a basis to apply for a visa, although as an undocumented alien you may have to apply from outside the country.

    Such a marriage will be investigated by the USCIS to be sure it is not a sham being used solely to remain in the country. It is a federal crime to use the existence of or proof of a marriage which was entered into solely to support an attempt to obtain a visa to support an application for a visa, and not for the lawful reasons to enter into a marriage.

    Your status as an undocumented alien is distinct from your capacity to marry. You need only have the capacity and the desire to get married. A State court judge or magistrate can perform a civil ceremony, after which you have to obtain a marriage license or certificate. Clerics are also authorized by the State to solemnize marriages.

Is cannabis legal or illegal?

  • In the UK Cannabis is illegal, and is a class B drug.For possession, carries a penalty of 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine or both.
    For dealing, carries a penalty of 14 years in prison, or an unlimited fine or both.

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  • Answer: In the UK Cannabis is illegal, and is a class B drug.For possession, carries a penalty of 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine or both.
    For dealing, carries a penalty of 14 years in prison, or an unlimited fine or both.
  • Answer: it is legal to own them but not to grow them.
  • Answer: Because cannabis has many benefits both medicinally and industrially, but the government will not accept science that states this and decided to schedule it as a schedule 1 drug, meaning no medicinal value. 13 states so far have decided that it does have some medical value and allow it to qualified patients. Obama has announced that we will not be using federal resources to circumvent state laws.
  • Answer: nope, completely legal.
    Prague has been called "the Amsterdam of the east" for good reason; its liberal laws and liberal policies mean that the city has earned a reputation of being pot-friendly, and an estimated 400,000 marijuana users are largely ignored by the authorities and tolerated by most everyone - not that we recommend that sort of thing…
  • Answer: Depending on where you live.for example if you have the licence in California you can have up to 20 plants, and 2 pounds. or just move to Amsterdam
  • Answer: In Ukriane weed is illegal, but most of the time people who get busted smoking it get away by giving the money to the police. I hear a story from my friend that a group of teens got away with it by paying 1000 grivn each
  • Answer: Very bad. If found you will be taken to court and get bad consequences.
  • Answer: yes but only on sundays
  • Answer: Holland and other countries think that it does no harm so there is no point making it illegal
  • Answer: Those are the reigons of the cannabis zone

    1. Norfolk, United Kingdom
    2. Luxembourg (maximum 200 g solid or 250 ml liquid)
    3. The Netherlands
    4. Poland
    5. Greece (maximum 1 kg solid or 2 l liquid)
    6. Ethiopia
    7. Eritreia (maximum 20 g solid, liquid is illegal)
    8. Rwanda
    9. Burundi
    10. Namibia (solid is illegal, maximum 1 l liquid)
    11. Iran
    12. Aceh, Indonesia (maximum 40 g solid)
    13. Papua New Guinea
    14. New Zealand
    15. California, USA (cannabis is illegal, maximum 2 l of liquid marijuana, ecstasy is illegal)
    16. Nicaragua
    17. Paraguay
    18. Argentina, alongside with cocaine

    One day, cannabis will be egalized in Suffolk (United Kingdom)

    Hisorically, it used to be legal in Bali (Indonesia) until 2008
  • Answer: Yep. Inform the Gendarmarie just prior to harvest and they willhelp you crop out and will take it away for proper curing andstorage ;)
  • Answer: Most clubs will gladly accept your donation, and compensate you for what you contribute. It helps if you have established a consistent business relationship, and have built a reputation of trust.
  • Answer: State police have officially been instructed to adhere to state laws and not favor federal laws. While you may be hassled by some officers that are ignorant to the law, you cannot be arrested for possession of cannabis if you are able to present proper documentation from your doctor. God bless America.
  • Answer: Yes, this is Asexual Propagation (Cloning) which involves duplicating the plant and not exchanging genetics through sexual propagation. For instructions on how cloning works you should visit

    Keep in mind, while it is possible to get roots without anything but good water, you should use a rooting hormone and stimulator such as Clonex to help improve your cuttings chances of rooting.