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Is Jose Rizal a drug lord?

  • No, Jose Rizal was not a drug lord.

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  • Answer: No, Jose Rizal was not a drug lord.
  • Answer: O Sei San was one of the women romantically linked with Dr. Jose Rizal. She taught him su-mie, the Japanese art of painting.
  • Answer: Well you see my friend the first girlfriend of Jose rizal originated from Jamica but imigrated to France in her early teens. Later on in life she became known as Susan. She had changed her original name from Talamufa Sophia Christensen to Susan J hawksathonjbieber. later on she became the founder of FFA and the Justin Bieber is attractive club.
  • Answer: some people say that Rizal is very kind.. and in terms of love he is very smart in some way he is also brave and patient
  • Answer: The Gender of Jose P. Rizal Is Male
  • Answer: Rizal never liked any armed revolution or mass movement,
    He wanted a reform and primarily advocated education as the key. That those on top will be the start of the change rather than below. He more wanted the assimilation rather than the separation of the Philippines as he knew that the Philippines should only be separated when it is sufficient and educated to stand alone.
  • Answer: Dr. José Protacio Rizal was a Filipino nationalist,ophthalmologist, and novelist. He had many siblings: Paciano Rizal,Saturnina Hidalgo, María Mercado, Narcisa Mercado, Josefa Mercado,Lucia Mercado, José Protasio Rizal, Trinidad Mercado, OlympiaMercado, Concepción Mercado, and Soledad Mercado.
  • Answer: The life of Rizal at UST is the most miserable thing happen to his life. He did not finished his study there because of the racial discrimination of the Dominicans. He was damped with prejudicial limitations. Filipino students are not treated equally, so he decided to go in Madrid to continue his study.

    Jose Rizal studied at Madrid to pursue his study on Medicine and his secret mission was to observe the life and culture at Spain. This is the real reason why he left UST. He had great time at the University especially with his friends at CASA TOMASINA, his dormitory during that time.
  • Answer: Segunda Katigbak and Leonor Valenzuela .....kid_o haha
  • Answer: He wrote stories about the Spaniards.
  • Answer: Francisco Mercado Rizal
  • Answer: Jose Rizal was a poet, ophthalmologist, and was considered to be ahero in the Philippines. He would probably not change many thingsabout his life because he was successful.
  • Answer: Dr. Jose Rizal wrote Mi Ultimo Adios on the eve of his execution.He wrote it to represent hisÊlast words and also as motivation forthe reformist movement.
  • Answer: Australia has one monument and park dedicated to Jose Rizal.Worldwide there are ten different monuments to Jose Rizal in ninecountries.
  • Answer: NO! Jose Rizal is not a book lover.The reason why Rizal prefer to write on a book,because at that time,the spanish is too strick that they will kill who is against them,and Rizal is one of them.