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  • Answer: steatorrhea
  • Answer: Go see a doctor
  • Answer: You ejaculate without any feeling at all, at a random time
  • Answer: The discharge will look like egg-whites.
  • Answer: Have an AC shop evacuate the system. Some shops will recharge the system after repairs and not charge for refrigerant, they just give you yours back.

  • Answer: Discharge from the hospital is the point at which the patient leaves the hospital and either returns home or is transferred to another facility such as one for rehabilitation or to a nursing home.
  • Answer: Dark drown discharges can be more serious and should be checkedout.

    There are common reasons a woman may experience a dark brownvaginal discharge. Most of the reasons are not serious however; afew are so it is important to set up an appointment with yourgynecologist if you have other symptoms of a serious condition orfor peace of mind.
  • Answer: thew their cookie
  • Answer: Capacitive discharge is when a capacitor (condenser) used to store a larger amount of energy than the supply would be capable of providing and then releasing it quickly into the required circuit. A typical example is a camera flash gun where a small amount of high voltage is generated and built up on a capacitor (this why you have to wait sometimes for the flash to recharge). It then can be released by a trigger device as one pulse to the flash tube. Other common applications are car ignition systems and spot welders.
  • Answer: A trip to the doctor would probably be the best thing to take.
  • Answer: a vaginal discharge can be caused by a number of factors at any age. The best thing to do is see a doctor for a proper exam.
  • Answer: You can not. Vaginal discharge is natural and normal and should not and can not go away. That is the vaginal cleaning system. When you menstruate the egg comes out with the discharge and the discharge keeps the good bacteria on the right level. It also work as lubrication during sex and protects the vaginal tissue.
  • Answer: Nematocyst discharge is triggered by an immediate approach or a foreign stimulus. When the cell is discharged, a brand new nematocyst is created as the system in each cell can only be activated once.
  • Answer: Anything could cause this, from lack of hygiene to an infection to an STD. If this continues, consider bathing using a gentle soap prior to sex. If this does not work, consider seeing your physician. Most of the time, this is normal and is nothing to worry about.
  • Answer: It would mean your healthy, unless it smells really horrible, then you should go to your gynecologist.

I have had discharge for at least five years now so how can i get rid of it?

  • You can throw them away if you want but I would keep them in case you want benifits.

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