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  • Answer: because you might get a sugar rush but you do need some sugar to keep your sugar level up
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  • Answer: Madras officially became Chennai in 1996. Chennai is the capital ofTamil Nadu. It is located off the Bay of Bengal.
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  • Answer: Definitely yes and it depends on various factors like ingredients used, preparatory method. I recently done study on desserts prepared in different countries and found many people are not really having healthy sweets, as iam having enough knowledge on healthy food habits and being a sweet lover i done some research on sweets with different natural ingredients and made some recipes which are having significant health benefits long with taste.
    The main ingredient for any dessert to bring the sweetness is sweetener, basically from many years all of us are using Sugar as sweetener which is having many negative health values, during preparation of Sugar from Sugarcanes various chemicals will be added in that, like raising agents to form crystals and preservatives for storage purpose, also dental research has proved that sugar spoils anamal layer of the teeth and makes it decalcinate and creats lot of damage to the teeth leading to lost teeth in early ages. This is only one negative reason iam highlighting here but also there are other many damages happens in or body for example lever aswell. Because of ths reason i tried replacing Sugar with Honey which is having amazing medical values. I tested Honey/Honey syrup in various desserts and found most of the desserts can be made with honey. May be unlike Sugar, Honey is expensive and unavailability, might be due to this reason i presume people are not preferring Honey.
    I will list some desserts i created made with natural ingredients without using any processed substances or preservatives:
    Crunchy dates with various high protein natutal ingredients.
    Banana Apple Oats
    Wheat bran balls--- source of VItamin B
    Dry fruit balls
    Carrot Halwa
    Papaya Halwa
    Wheat laddo
    Kaju Bufi
    Almond Burfi
    Kaju Almond BUrfi
    Coconut Burfi
    Sesame balls---good in Calcium for bone strength
    Peanut balls---good in protein for muscle improvement
    These are few among others. These sweets are basically originated in India as most of the names represent that.
    Please get in touch with me on for further details and information.
  • Answer: You can buy 36 sweets because:74 divided by 2 is 36.
  • Answer: If you eat too much sweets, then you will gain a lot of weight, but this can be prevented by excercise even if you eat a lot of sweets. It is still very important to not just eat sugars and excersice, you need things with nutritional value at least to balance out. Too much sugar im pretty sure can cause diabetes or other diseases maybe in your liver although im not sure about that one
  • Answer: Sweets can put a hole in your teeth, or you can give you Gingivitis.Gingivitis Gingivitis can be defined as inflammation of the gingival tissue without loss of tooth attachment (i.e.periodontal ligament). Gingivitis is an irritation of the gums. It is usually caused by bacterial plaque that accumulates in the small gaps between the gums and the teeth and by calculus (tartar) that forms on the teeth. These accumulations may be tiny, even microscopic, but the bacteria in them produce foreign chemicals and toxins that cause inflammation of the gums around the teeth. This inflammation can, over the years, cause deep pockets between the teeth and gums and loss of bone around teeth—an effect otherwise known as periodontitis. Since the bone in the jaws holds the teeth into the jaws, the loss of bone from periodontitis can cause teeth over the years to become loose and eventually to fall out or need to be extracted because of acute infection.Or you can just have decayed or rotted teeth.

Where to get sugarless sweets in Chennai?

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