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  • Answer: 1 day-1 week
    depending on your immune system.
  • Answer: the best way to get rid of stuffy nose is by taking a napkin or a rag and blow it all out.
  • Answer: Pressure in the ear can be caused by a buildup of fluid or air pressure. In babies when they lie flat the underdeveloped Eustachian tubes do not drain properly and a buildup of fluid can cause an ear infection. In adults improper drainage is not as likely, but can still lead to infection. Air pressure usually builds when the barometric pressure changes quickly, such as an impending storm or air plane trip.Stuffy noses are often the result of irritated capillaries or small blood vessels in the nose. The irritation can come from anything from allergies to minor infections to a change in blood pressure. Inflammation can be lessoned by anti inflammatories like anything from cold air to acetaminophen to doctor prescribed cortisone, etc.
  • Answer: You may want to use a neti pot. I do and you may want to ask your doctor about medication. After you have the medication (if it is a spray), you may want to use it after you use the neti pot to get the spray in your sinuses.
  • Answer: Get a wad of tissue paper and pour a few droplets of lavender oil onto it, then leave it near you which will clear you nose after a while. go on the computer and on facebook or soemthing and chat with friends or watch a movie with friends, just be around people and have a bit of fun.

    Hope that helped!! ;)
  • Answer: You can try to eat something really spicy, such as a raw chilli, Tabasco sauce, mustard, horseradish, or a raw onion. This does definitely clear a stuffy nose, but can be slightly unpleasant.

    Alternatively, fill a bowl with boiling water, add some Vicks vaporub or eucalyptus oil, and place your head over the bowl, with a towel covering your head to inhale the steam (being very careful about the hot water).

    Alternatively, try a combination of Olbas inhalers and Vicks vaporub applied topically.
  • Answer: Well, blow it in a tissue and if you are sick drink mint tea. Use those nose drop thingies. They work really good.
  • Answer: I would suggest a quite strong substance that would probably help well it helped me anyway hope that it will come to use for you
  • Answer: This can be a difficult problem to deal with. a stuffed up nose is most often do to inflammation of the nasal passages. This can happen in response to an upper respiratory tract infection, or as a result of reaction to an allergy. Crustiness of the nose occurs when the drainage coming from the sinuses dries and becomes hard and irritating. Bloody noses can have several different causes. The most common reason they occur is trauma to the anterior nasal plexus of blood vessels. If you have dried sinus discharge in your nose and you repeatedly rub or pick your nose, this can result in bleeding. Recurrent bloody noses can also be due to blood clotting disorders. For this reason, it is important for you to bring this issue up with your doctor. I think the best physician for you to see first about this issue is your primary care physician. After a detailed history of your symptoms and a thorough physical exam, your doctor will be able to determine what is causing your stuffy nose. Perhaps simple treatment of environmental allergies can reduce the amount of swelling and discharge from your nose and protect it form bleeding. If your issues are more complex, then you may warrant referral to an ear nose and throat specialist.
  • Answer: about a few days, i think...
  • Answer: Use neo-synephrine
  • Answer:
    Nose jobs don�t fix stuffy noses, but they are often performed in conjunction with other internal nasal procedures that help with blocked nasal passages and sinus trouble.
    Many people experience blocked nasal passages and trouble breathing due to crooked septums and nasal tissue swelling. Since an outer nose defect may accompany septum issues (due to trauma to the nose) many doctors will combine nose jobs with a septoplasty or turinoplasty, which aligns the septum and reduces nasal swelling.
    A septoplasty aligns the septum to the midline. A septum is a wall of cartilage that divides your nasal cavity into two nostrils. If your septum is �deviated� or sits off-center, you may experience less sinus drainage, which can cause chronic sinus infections. Candidates for septoplasty have these symptoms:
    • Blockage of one or both nostrils
    • Nasal congestion, sometimes one-sided
    • Frequent nosebleeds
    • Frequent sinus infections
    • At times, facial pain, headaches, postnasal drip
    • Noisy breathing during sleep (in infants and young children)

    Source: The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
    The procedure includes an incision through the nose, thus leaving no visible scars. A septoplasty is generally not recommended in young children or teenagers as their septums are still growing until the age of 18.
    A turbinoplasty reduces turbinates, which is the tissue that causes swelling and nasal congestion. Candidates for turinoplasty have frequent nasal congestion and blockage that isn�t elevated by decongestants or steroid nasal sprays. A surgeon performs a turbinoplasty using laser instrumentation.
  • Answer: This is depends if you want to take medicine. You can take medicine with antihistamine in it, like Tylenol Cold and Sinus, which clears up nasal and sinus passage ways. Also, drinking plenty of CLEAR liquids and vitamin C is good for the immune system. If you are a smoker or are in constantly congested areas, flem can build up and cause blockage. Allergies are also a cause in which you would perhaps take benadryl or whichever medicine you prefer.

How can you get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?

  • take drops of warm salt water and put it down each of your nostrils. it will burn a little but it breaks down the mucus.

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  • Answer: take drops of warm salt water and put it down each of your nostrils. it will burn a little but it breaks down the mucus.
  • Answer: Hot showers and chicken soup.
  • Answer: Lean your head back, and take a steamy shower. *Not at the same time
  • Answer: Yes. Fans decrease humidity in the air causing cilia in the nose to dry. This causes the release of mucus.
  • Answer:
    • I would suggest putting vicks under your nose or drink tons of fluids and your cold will most likely start to go away. Even try vitamins, like C.
    • If you are having temple pains simply just rub your temples in a slow motion or take a short nap
    • If you have a sore throat try hot tea with honey or throat drops

    All though there is no cure for the common cold these are just things that can help:)
  • Answer: The nasal cavity gets rotund/fat/big and clogs it up; you get an infection
  • Answer: The best stuffy nose remedy is using a nasal spray, it is very easy to overuse it though and can have a negative effect if you use it to much in one go or too regularly. If you do you will be constricting the blood vessels, the best way to find out about them is by going to your local doctor and getting a prescription.
  • Answer: Mostly I recommend Zicam Extreme Congestion Gel Nasal Spray.

    You could also try:

    Vicks Nasal Spray
    Saline Drops
    Steam Inhaler
  • Answer: you need to get a type of leaves can be used to get rid of teribble itching and steam it up with normal water and TA-DA you got it done you smell the boiled water with leaves on it for five min and it helps you get rid of all lot of stuffing
  • Answer: Vaporize with Eucalyptus or Oregano oil. While treating the stuffy nose try to identify the cause then escalate your treatment regime to eliminating the cause whether by boosting the immune system or direct treatment.

    The service of a doctor is always the best means to identify the cause or ty pe of any infection. Education the best method of treatment.
  • Answer: when you have a stuffy nose you should try to stay in bed for some part of the day, rub vicks on ur neck, chest and forehead and use a blankt and hot water bottle to stay nice and warm, get well soon!!
  • Answer: First blow your nose, if mucus comes out then use a netti pot or use nasel spray. If not it is just pressure and you can use a nose strip to open up airways. :)
  • Answer: first u get a medication called ad-nosethen spay in ur nose(remember to look up)Or: Make sure to keep tissues nearby. roll up a corner of a tissue and put the corner in your nostril and wiggle the tissue and when you feel like you are about to sneeze, then sneeze in a tissue. this is only temporary and do it as much as you want in order to get the mucus out. I hope you find this useful! :)
  • Answer: use a vaporizor to open congested nasal passage and use a decongestant nasal spray
  • Answer: Put your nose in the pathway of hot steam and put vicks on your chest for a while and you should feel better.