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  • Answer: Not normally. Cannibalism is accepted to be outside normal human behaviour: There have been exceptions to this in times of war or disaster.And in extremis to stay alive....
  • Answer: Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating flesh of other humans. In zoology, the term "cannibalism" is extended to refer to any species consuming members of its own kind (see cannibalism (zoology)).
  • Answer: Some people are funnier than others, for much the same reason that some people play basketball better than others. We are all different.
  • Answer: The best way to win a soul, is to be in-tune with yourself. The soul is your heart, let it take you, let it save you. A wonderfully scary gravity pulling and pushing your chest (not a heart attack), something light, but noticeable and distinct. Follow it to salvation, your heart, your soul, what you feel inside when you hear the music, let it take you higher than any physical being. The rebirth of something spectacularly life changing.
  • Answer: Nobody actually knows what happens when you die. It is a mater of faith, however I know of no faith that says that you get a new soul, they usually say your sole lives on in paradise.
  • Answer: It depends on the religion.

    In most versions of Christianity, souls are dispensed to babies in the womb (per God to Job).

    In religions that involve the transmigration of souls, the souls were created at the beginning of the universe, and are moving from form to form in the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Answer: Nobody knows.
  • Answer: The soul is what a body is given by G-d while still in a Mothers womb. It does not belong to the Mother of Father. Spirit means breath or to respire. There is also The Holy Spirit of G-d. The Holy Spirit keeps back the forces of evil and cannot be seen for this part of G-d is like the wind and mankind cannot see this. No man has ever seen G-d. It is the part that makes you you and leaves the body when you die and may or may not live in the spiritual realm. Suicide is self destruction and forbidden because this act destroys the soul.

  • Answer: To those who believe that each person possesses a soul, it is a spiritual and dimensionless representation of ourselves. To others, the soul does not really exist, and a non-existent entity can not have a dimension.
  • Answer: Yes! you are your soul!
  • Answer: At first things are bright and awsome and then impressions tint your perceptions and shredders will rock your world.
  • Answer: I sure do! My soul will go to be with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son,that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life!
  • Answer: his mind is his soul. when your mind is gone so is your soul. when you hear of a person being brain dead, his soul is already gone. our mind tells us our feelings. when your troubled in you mind, your troubled in your soul.
  • Answer: Is created by the life and deeds of said man.

How man soul did a humans have?

  • the human soul is a gift us it before 2010

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