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  • Answer: The 747 has about a 17 to 1 glide ratio. If we figure a cruise altitude of 42,000 ft. (8 miles). Then a 747 in cruise could glide 136 miles. Assuming that the landing area is at sea level. Even if cruise alt is a bit lower, its reasonable to say a large commercial airliner at cruise altitude can glide somewhere around 100 miles.
  • Answer: approximately 4000 to 5000 kgs per hour depending on weight. This is 8800lbs per hour to 11000lbs per hour.
  • Answer: High pressure fuel pumps, known as override,jettison pumps force the fuel out of select tanks into a manifold which then routes the fuel to valves at the wing tips.
  • Answer: The fuel consumption of a Boeing 767-200 ER aircraft on a 7 hourflight is approximately 8,400 gallons. This equates to around$46,000 for the flight.
  • Answer: That is dependant on the wind, altitude and speed.
  • Answer: Airbus A330 models have different capacities -
    • A330-200: 139,090 L (36,740 US gallons)
    • A330-200 Freighter: 97,530 L (25,760 US gallons)
    • A330-300: 97,530 L (25,760 US gallons)

  • Answer: it can be up to 9350 gals, depending on the auxilliary tanks and setup
  • Answer: It depends on the type and model of jet you are referring to. The Boeing 747 models fuel capacity can be found here
  • Answer: 90 liters . Although very rarely is it filled up due to weight consideration.
  • Answer: Depends on the specific airliner.

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    Yes, it depends on the size of the aircraft but to give you anidea, a 747 will carry 50,000-60,000 gallons. Pilots usually thinkof fuel in pounds, not gallons. 50,000 gallons is about 300,000pounds. The fuel capacity varies even among different versions ofthe 747. This is about half of the maximum takeoff weight. withfull passenger load.
  • Answer: Most have an 11 gallon tank.
  • Answer: 3000 gallons of Jet fuel
  • Answer: There is no such thing as "an 82 Mercedes". There are (and were) several different models made my Mercedes, so you will have to specify the model you are interested in. And then there are different tanks. The diesels tend to have a smaller tank than the petrol versions (on a C 200 at least), so you need to be quite specific.
  • Answer: The fuel capacity for a cruise ship all depends on the size of the ship.The big cruise lines such as Princess Cruises, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Disney have vessels that range from as little as 590 feet to over 1,100 feet, and they can carry anywhere from 6,000 barrels of fuel oil to over 56,000 barrels (1 barrel = 42 gallons). The Queen Mary 2 for example is 1,132 feet long and can carry up to 56,655 bbls of fuel oil.It also depends on your definition of cruise ship. While the companies mentioned above have large cruise ships there are other companies that give short local cruises. For example the Blue & Gold Fleet, which gives cruises around San Francisco Bay, has vessels which are roughly 135 feet and can carry between 93 and 167 bbls of fuel oil.
  • Answer: At least a 1/2 oz of good weed!

What is the fuel capacity of a Boeing 737?

  • 5,000 to 6,300 gallons depending on model

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