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Why do some people have sensitivity to nickel?

  • It is allergy to nickel. No one knows the reasons (just like some people are very allergic to bee sting, and can die, while others are unaffected).

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  • Answer: It is allergy to nickel. No one knows the reasons (just like some people are very allergic to bee sting, and can die, while others are unaffected).
  • Answer: When respecting another culture turns into obeying another culture, or when that culture breaks the law of the government.
  • Answer: low price sensitivity means a variation in a demand for a product is not more or does not vary much according to variation in the price , depending on the factors that impact demand eg- necessary goods medicine .
  • Answer: Environmental sensitivity is a type of medical condition. A personwith this condition is overly sensitive to and becomes ill fromitems in their environment.
  • Answer: There are a few possible meanings of sensitivity. Most definitionsaccept the idea that sensitivity involves being aware of something.
  • Answer: Yes, sunflowers feel sensitivity.
    They "feel" sensitivity in that they respond to stimuli, such as the direction and amount of light or damage to parts of itself. It does not "feel" in that it cannot experience pain, discomfort, or emotional distress.
  • Answer: It is not known if Lycopene can assist with light sensitivity.Lycopene is used a type of pigment that is found in tomatoes andother red fruits.
  • Answer: Gender Sensitivity:

    Understanding and consideration of socio-cultural factors underlying sex-based discrimination. The term also applies to attitudes that socialize girls and boys into certain behaviors or opportunities, for example, pushing boys to play sports or not expecting girls to do well at sports. (IPS, 1996 30). Gender-sensitive planing uses specific methods and tools to provide women and girls more opportunities for their participation in the development process and to measure the impact of planned activities on women and men.
  • Answer: These are the 3 criteria in choosing a good receiver. Sensitivity refers to the ability of the receiver to receive very weak signal. Selectivity to select the desired frequency and reject the others. lastly, Fidelity to produce good quality of signal without distortion.
  • Answer: It can be possible, that if you have multiple Chemical sensitivity the best prevention is to find a living area chemical free. Superstar180
  • Answer: The market sensitivity index of individual security ( or portfolio security) mesures the systematic risk of a security. The sensitivity index is denoted by Beta It forms part of the CAPM(Capital asset pricing model). and is calculated as follows:
    Beta=COVsm/VAR^2 M Where S stands for security, and m for the Market portfolio.
  • Answer: Light and sound sensitivity during Migraine is caused by the neurological processes of the attack. Increased pressure is not related to Migraine and in fact is another headache disorder called Intracranial Hypertension.
     _____________________________________________ Increased pressureBlood vessels are expandig and increasing intracranial pressure which affects certain cranial nerves which leads to pain and increased light/sound sensitivity.