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  • Answer: Depends are they real or fake
  • Answer: Not necessarily. It depends on your sex and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Answer: A full 12 ounce soda can weighs an average of 390 grams. An empty12 ounce soda can weighs approximately 17 grams.
  • Answer: Your dad has just fell down the stairs and broke his kneck and unfortunately died.I am your mom
  • Answer: 220 something lbs
  • Answer: Im going to say this, im seriously not calling you dumb or illegitimate, but you stand on a scale.
  • Answer: There is no set weight for any age, as it depends upon the height and body type of the individual. This can range from 60 to 120 pounds (27 to 54 kg) for 11-year-old girls, with a median weight of 82 pounds (37 kg).

    Weight itself is also not the important factor. The ratio of muscle to fat is an important determinant in overall health. To increase or decrease weight, diet and exercise are the controlling factors in young people.

    (see the related question for information and links)
  • Answer: Bring it to a public truck scale
    Look in yellow pages for location take your car to a truck/load weighing station, i done it with my Volvo 240 estate car.
  • Answer: 780 cc of mercury or molten lead would weigh a lot more, for instance, than the same volume of water. I would say that much water would weigh in just under 2 lbs.

    Using the items listed above and figuring that 1cc = 1ml:
    780ml water = 1.72 lbs
    780ml lead = 19.5 lbs
    780ml mercury = 23.37 lbs

    Thanks Suzie. Saved me getting out my calculator.

  • Answer: Enough about toes already.
  • Answer: Wikipedia discusses this in its article on Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Your BMI is ( 50 / 1.57 ) / 1.57 = 20.28

    This is at the lower end of the range considered normal, which is 18.5 - 24.9, so you are fine; if anything you could add a little weight.
  • Answer: You can lift as much as Ur body can lift u can usually lift twice ur wheight im a wrestler sk i have expirience
  • Answer: No, you are right on track and at a healthy weight for this height.The normal, healthy weight for this height is between 118 poundsand 148 pounds.

Is it Bad to be 55 And weigh 140?

  • Not necessarily. It depends on your sex and Body Mass Index (BMI)

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