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  • Answer: Interpersonal interaction is a broad term encompassing how people relate to each other. This term is often used to ask potential hires how good they are at operating in a team environment. Interpersonal interaction encompasses communication skills, body language, tone, listening skills and any other verbal or non verbal intercommunication.
  • Answer: What we do to the environment.
  • Answer: when you are hanging out with someone and you are making progress in bettering the bond emotionally between you. whether it is having a peaceful meal with someone to having sex to playing a game of basketball anything that makes both people happy and draws you nearer to them is positive interaction

    • guys: if you are touching a girl for more than 20 seconds it has been proven that a small but significat emotional bond is formed
    • girls: dont get to emotional with guys this could become negative interaction

  • Answer: it is the interaction between two chemicals, that cause something to happen, but not a chemical reaction :)
  • Answer: The definition of religious interaction - ( I think you spelled it wrong ) is violent suspicion, and competition.
  • Answer: Group interaction is two or more people, who for longer than a few moments, interact with and influence one another
  • Answer: Humans are like
    bulldozers witch kill and destroy everything...
    Get it?
  • Answer: It can either mean there "is a positive correlation" between two things. (i.e if thing "X" increasing, thing "Y" will increase). Or it can mean "there was a good interaction" - meaning that the things were getting along well together, e.g two friends having a conversation together could be described as "having a positive interaction" with each other.
  • Answer: Law interaction with the public: when an officer stops you for speeding
    Law interaction with other law enforcement: local law enforcement notifies FBI of bank robbery
  • Answer: The 3 principles of spatial interaction are transferability,complementarity, and intervening opportunity. These principles werecoined by Edward Ullman.
  • Answer: pros.humans are on this earth to interact, with out interaction humans are to drive themselves insane, this is how you meet friends and lovers.cons.the crazy people
  • Answer: There are quite a few different human and animal interactions.Domestic dogs for example get along very well with humans.
  • Answer: No both are better.The only difference is that it would be more entertaining than interaction with others...

What is a Drug interaction?

  • A chemical or physiological reaction that can occur when two different drugs are taken together

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  • Answer: drug-drug interaction is when two or more drugs interact pharmacodynamically in such a way that the toxicity of one or more drugs are altered.while drug desease is any negative feedback a drug come with like addiction, tolerance, dependency. examples of drug deseases are veral hepatitis, drug abuse, drug induced liver desease e.t.c.
  • Answer: A chemical or physiological reaction that can occur when two different drugs are taken together
  • Answer: Chelation between the two drug molecules --> binding of antacid to cipro reduces cipro effect --> treatment failure.
  • Answer: interaction drug of danofloxacin mesylate
  • Answer: Bronchodilaters like Albuterol sulfate or Theophylline have been known to cause anorexia.
  • Answer: I suppose it would depend on how many mg you were taking, how much weed you smoked, and what type of person you were. I know that I will not smoke again while taking doxycycline because I had a bad experience.
  • Answer: Contraindicated
    • cisapride
    • dofetilide
    • thioridazine
     Avoid/Use Alternative
    • beta blocker/ thiazide combos
    • beta blockers, systemic
    • BZDs, partial 3A4 substrates
    • CCBs, others
    • cefditoren
    • cefpodoxime
    • cefuroxime
    • clopidogrel
    • dasatinib
    • delavirdine
    • erlotinib
    • ezetimibe/ simvastatin
    • iron salts, oral
    • itraconazole
    • ketoconazole
    • mesalamine
    • metformin/ sulfonylurea combos
    • metformins
    • naproxen
    • nevirapine
    • posaconazole
    • quinidine
    • saxagliptin/ metformin
    • sirolimus
    • sitagliptin/ metformin
    • tacrine
    • terbinafine
    • tizanidine
    • tricyclic antidepressants
    • zolmitriptan
     Monitor/Modify Tx
    • acetaminophen/ aspirin/ caffeine
    • acetaminophen/ caffeine/ CNS depressant combos
    • acyclovir
    • alfentanil
    • aripiprazole
    • aspirin/ caffeine
    • atazanavir
    • atomoxetine
    • caffeine
    • carbamazepine
    • carmustine
    • citalopram
    • CNS depressant/ aspirin/ caffeine combos
    • cyclosporine
    • emtricitabine/ rilpivirine/ tenofovir
    • felodipine
    • fentanyl
    • isradipine
    • nicardipine
    • nifedipine
    • nilotinib
    • nimodipine
    • nisoldipine
    • pemetrexed
    • peppermint oil
    • phenytoins
    • procainamide
    • rilpivirine
    • sufentanil
    • tacrolimus
    • theophyllines
    • valacyclovir
    • valproic acid derivatives
    • warfarin
    • zaleplon
     Caution Advised
    • albendazole
    • alendronate/ cholecalciferol
    • alfuzosin
    • alprazolam
    • amiodarone
    • atovaquone/ proguanil
    • azelastine nasal
    • bupivacaine
    • bupropion
    • buspirone
    • capsicum
    • chloroquine phosphate
    • clozapine
    • crizotinib
    • digestive enzymes
    • dolasetron
    • duloxetine
    • dutasteride/ tamsulosin
    • efavirenz/ emtricitabine/ tenofovir
    • emtricitabine/ tenofovir
    • entecavir
    • ergotamine/ caffeine
    • escitalopram
    • ethanol
    • etravirine
    • flecainide
    • fluvastatin
    • gefitinib
    • ginger
    • goldenseal
    • green tea
    • guarana
    • lidocaine
    • memantine
    • meperidine
    • mepivacaine
    • methylphenidate
    • midazolam
    • midodrine
    • mycophenolic acid
    • olanzapine
    • olanzapine/ fluoxetine
    • paroxetine
    • pentamidine
    • pimozide
    • pramipexole
    • propafenone
    • quetiapine
    • ramelteon
    • red yeast
    • riluzole
    • roflumilast
    • sertraline
    • sildenafil
    • sitagliptin
    • tamoxifen
    • tamsulosin
    • tenofovir
    • tetrabenazine
    • tramadol
    • tramadol/ acetaminophen
    • triazolam
    • venlafaxine

  • Answer: No. Antimatter and dark matter are two entirely different things.Dark matter is a form of matter (for lack of a better word) thatonly interacts with ordinary matter via gravity. Antimatter ismatter consisting of antiparticles. For every normal particle typethere is an antiparticle of the same mass but opposite charge. If aparticle meets its antiparticle the two annihilate each other andturn into energy.
  • Answer: it is like that
  • Answer: Some examples of The Law of Interaction which was developed by Isaac Newton and states that every force in nature has an equal and opposite reaction to every interaction are:
    1. propulsion of a fish through water
    2. moving car
    3. pulling a rope on a wall
    4. a rifle is fired on and recoils
    5. a rocket launched into the space
    6. baseball bat hitting a baseball
    7. blowing a balloon
    8. baseball hits a glove
    9. bowling ball hits pin
    10. a foot hits a football

  • Answer: Interaction skills are the way your body reacts when thrust upon by external stimuli.
  • Answer: it has something to do with your body.
  • Answer: Routine interaction means to have a physical presence on a person or thing on a regular basis or at a set time and day.
  • Answer: The third law of motion or the law of interaction states that every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

    3rd law of motion that Sir Isaac Newton stated.