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  • Answer: I suggest haircuts/hair burst it will help with both
  • Answer: Plants rely on sunlight for photosynthesis (the process by which they make sugars i.e. food). They "trap" the sunlight with aid of a pigment - chlorophyll. This pigment is also responsible for the green colouration in the leaves. In the shade, a plant increases the size and concentration of chlorophyll in its leaves so that it is able to absorb more of the available light. It therefore appears a darker shade of green. Plants in full sunshine have more than enough sunlight for growth- hence they have smaller leaves with a reduced concentration of chlorophyll- their leaves are thus a lighter green.
  • Answer: The bones in a human body are growing in diameter through theprocess of appositional growth. While, bones are growing longer inlength in the epiphyseal plate where cartilage is formed andossified.
  • Answer: LED grow lights have a longer useful life than fluorescent lights, as long as 15 years for some fixtures, and thus a lower "total cost of ownership." The total cost of ownership includes the cost to buy the light, use it, and replace expired bulbs. One manufacturer estimates that the total cost of owning an LED grow light over five years is about half the cost of a comparable fluorescent lights.
  • Answer: yes he does
  • Answer: 1/2 a centimitre.
  • Answer: Growing up does not happen over night in one quick change, but rather a process of emotional maturity that happens with real-life experience over time. It is a process of change that allows one to know a deeper sense of who they are and what are the realities (may that be good or bad) about society. Often, leaving behind the innocence of youth is part of growing up. Growing up can often be difficult since it requires taking on much responsibility as well as learning that true life and love is very different than how popular culture and the media presents it.Growing up ultimately takes time- it is a process of change, self discovery, and experience with the adult world that makes a person a grown-up. When a person starts to think in this way, and deal with real-world issues, they are a grown up.
  • Answer: how much do you grow a dayhow much do you grow a day
  • Answer: When You Grow-up (How to find it)You can tell what you are going Tobe when you grow up by first finding what your purpose on earth is for. Then, you have to find out what you like to do. For example if your purpose is to help people and you like to work out, then you can be a physical education teacher.
  • Answer: NO not never
  • Answer: you stop growing typically two years after your period, however you may still grow an inch or two before adulthood. if you are a boy and you are average height you will most likely have a growth spert within the next three years.
  • Answer: Fir Trees aka evergreens grow in most places except where it is extremely hot
  • Answer: I would recommend learning the Enlgish Language and grammmar system, for a start.
  • Answer: you should be a.......
    Sporty girl: a sports player
    sporty boy: sports star
    less active girl: fashion designer
    less active boy: video game designer
    I hope it answered your question because this is totally myopinion:P

Where does belladonna grow?

  • masachusettes... duh

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