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  • Answer: The Great Depression (1929-1940) was a worldwide economic contraction which brought about economic hardship and in some nations, political instability. In the United States a general banking failure brought about increased government regulation of the financial sector along with the broadening of the social safety net through the introduction of Social Security. Unemployment, which reached 25%, was relieved partially by Public Works (The WPA). A general failure of the Agricultural sector which began well before the Great Depression was mitigated somewhat by Agricultural subsidies and by soil and land conservation projects (CCC). Other nations followed suit. The economic crisis caused the fall of the Weimer Republic in Germany with the rise of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and is seen as a major cause of the Second World War. The Great Depression also saw a rise on import duties throughout the world, which caused the Japanese Empire to militarily expand and which was also a reason for World War II. The failure of capitalism on the world stage also saw the growth of the influence of Communism throughout the world with the growth of Communist parties in Europe, North and South America and China, supported by the Soviet Union.
  • Answer: During the Great Depression women found it easier to get jobs than their husbands but faced discrimination and public resentment because they erew believed to be the ones taking jobs away from men, even though their jobs were made for women. Some husbands walked out on their wives leaving them to care for their children on their own....ummm....couples mariied less frequently as men lacked a job to support a family.They economized and shared. Their actions gained them new power in their house and a voice in domestic decisions. Basicallyy they did what they had to do to take care of their families for example making gardens, canned food, and made clothes for themselves and children and made new material when they got worned outi got this info from various sources (from articles)
  • Answer: you should talk to your psychiatrist about that.
  • Answer: Precedents have been set on how to solve depressions. Some New Deal programs still exist to stop another "Great Depression"
  • Answer: well its is very widely know that marijuana is one of the world best natural anti-depressants, the THC in marijuana helps release dopamine witch help your neurons transmit between each other easier, i myself suffer from depression and the main problem is that my neurons become over loaded with too many chemicals, this is the main cause for depression is that your neurons in your brain are either overloaded or deficent of these chemical transmissions pretty much its a chemical inbalence, now the THC in marijuana when smoked (or eaten witch is the healther way!) helps blance your chemicals in your brain in my case i have in overload of chemicals and marijuana helps slowdown the transmission between my neurons to help me think alil clearer and relax and go to sleep cause my number one problem is insomia, now i will admit marijuana is not for everyone and should always be used in moderation
  • Answer: if governments had worked together cooperatively ~
  • Answer: The longterm effects on families during the Great Depression wasthat people took a while to get back on their feet, and manyfamilies were homeless because of the job loss and some had familymembers who had committed suicide.
  • Answer: First of all; Marijuana is illegal and you should be using the substance anyway. And second of all drugs is NOT a way to deal with problems.
  • Answer: Brain cells die anyway everyday...
  • Answer: dont take drugs, take medicine that your doctor would advise you to use. drugs wont help depression, they can make it worse, and, they can cause you mental and physical pain, and you will more likely be a victim to epilepsy.
  • Answer: Regular aerobic exercise can improve your memory. Your brain is your tool for remembering, so you have to make sure the brain has enough oxygen and other nutrients. Daily physical activity is one way to increase blood flow to your brain.
  • Answer: Antidepressants may fall under diverse classifications regarding potency and way of action.

    While mild antidepressants are liberally administered and used, more specific compounds of higher potency are regulated and carefully prescribed.
  • Answer: seroquel
    Another Answer: also welbutrin, paxil, prozac, celebrex.....there are many types a good psychiatrist can determine what may be best for each individual. It may take a couple of tries before finding the right one.
  • Answer: You smell and stink. This means no one wants to be around you or moves away from where you sit.

Can taking drugs cause depression effects on the brain?

  • Yes, obviously depressants make you sad.

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  • Answer: Yes, obviously depressants make you sad.
  • Answer: The effects of taking drugs is one, memory loss, two, loss of the ability to concentrate and it also causes cancer

    answer 2 I take several drugs - some to improve my blood fluidity, some to help with my breathing, some to help reduce cholesterol. I think these pharmaceuticals improve my quality of life. But I would prefer to not need these aids.
    A drug has been defined as "a manufactured chemical whose ingestion produced a publication".
  • Answer: it depends on the drug... but all affect the neurotransmitters in the brain.most stimulants (drugs that increase activity) will increase the release of more stimulating neurotransmitters.most depressants (drugs that decrease activity) will either limit the release (or re-uptake)of neurotransmitters, or they will cause synapse to fire at a slower rate.the long term affects of "drugs" will vary depending on the drug, but often drugs will lead to tolerance and dependence on the substance, in which case the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. all of which and cause permenent damage to the neurons and other structures of the brain.
  • Answer: halucinations, speeding, appetite loss, insomnia
  • Answer: You will first start bleeding out of your rectum and then you will think the government is having a man dingo in your head after that you will turn into an animal pedophile and make your money by prank calling the elderly home and asking them to preform two girls one horse and then you will die
  • Answer: It depends completely on what the two drugs are. Some drugs are toxic/lethal together and others are harmless. Need more info from you.
  • Answer: That depends on your definition of worst. A strong cough from a good hit could give you an aneurysm, causing you to either die or lose function to your brain and/or body.
  • Answer: it depends on what sport it is and what drugs the performer is using, but most drugs in sport are illegal and will usually end up in the performer being banned
  • Answer: There are seven major neurotransmitters that appear to account forthe effects produced by the actions of drugs and alcohol abuse.These neurotransmitters include dopamine, serotonin,norepinephrine, endorphins, anandamide, glutamate, and GABA.
  • Answer: A chemical imbalance or lack of chemicals called dopamine or amphetamines. This can cause the brain to not receive happy feelings from your nerves. Antidepressants resupply the brain with these chemicals.
  • Answer: First:adderall, dexedrine, meth Vs. Alcohol and barbituates such as allobarbitol and phenobarbitol

    Second:hmm..3 PAIRS?
    1-caffiene and ephedrine, actuall caffiene potentiates ephedrine.

    2-LSD and Psilocybe mushrooms (Psilocybin and Psilocyn)

    3-Mescaline and 5meoDipt(Foxy) both produce vomiting and hallucinations
  • Answer: sorry, may be i cant tell much about it but depression effect brain person to person different. in the brain between neron some chemical liquid(like hormones) couse cominnication. if these hormones screted less or much than cycological disease like depression or the others can be begin. i mean chemical events inthe brain makes disease. depression is understanding with sadness, less or much sleeping, escape working or something to make lovely situations before, not enjoy anything etc. depression is not a reason it is decision. of course some events like losing someone to love or bad events may make easy to be enter a depression problem. i hope i help you.
  • Answer: It all depends on the length of time you took it and the dosage you were prescribed. With bupropion, it is recommended that you taper off of this medication, since it does lower the seizure threshold. If you abruptly stop, you will likely have an increase in depression, difficulty with concentration, increased anxiety, and it has been reported that you might feel "weird shocking sensations" down your arms or other extremities. In any case, consult with a physician before discontinuing.
  • Answer: Yes your health gets affected at large due to depression.Chronic diseases are possible after a long time depression