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  • Answer: Pain can be a difficult thing to describe. It is different to different people; It is like asking what does red look like. However having had the disease for many years All i can say is that it comes in different categories. For example when I was younger the pain presented itself in the form of a dull hot ache that at times had a throb in the background this usually occurred more in the muscles adjacent to the joints rather then the joints. Or one could get a shaper more localised pain that was sensitive to pressure like in the feet for example, it would start some where like on top of the foot and eventually spread all over making walking very difficult, especially when as is the nature of the disease it hits you in both feet at the same time. Then there is the sort of pain you get from inflammation around nerves like carpel tunnel syndrome. this starts of as light tingling in some of the fingers which eventually becomes an extremely sharp tingling agony that you just cant get away from this can also happen in other parts of the body it all depends on where the inflammation is or where nerves are pressured between bones where the cartilage has disintegrated. then there is a sharper more local pain that happens when cartilage is gone and bone is on bone in joint. I for example had this happen in one of my elbows and the only way to alleviate it was to have the damaged elbow joint replaced with a steel one. There is more then just pain involved here. Weakening of mascles irritation of dry eyes and problems with other organs can also be a part of it. So al depending on the severity of the symptoms you can end up with a whole variety of different forms of pain.
  • Answer: leprosy - Signs and symptoms : Skin lesions are the primary external sign.[3] Left untreated, leprosy can be progressive, causing permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. Contrary to folklore, leprosy does not cause body parts to fall off, although they can become numb and/or diseased as a result of the disease. (wikipedia)

    Stroke - signs and symptoms: Sudden numbness, tingling, weakness, or paralysis in your face, arm, or leg, especially on only one side of your body.

    bels palsy - numbness of one side of the face

    Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) - Loss of pain and temperature sensation is usually mild. In fact, pain is a common symptom in GBS, presenting as deep aching pain, usually in the weakened muscles, which patients compare to the pain from overexercising. These pains are self-limited and should be treated with standard analgesics. Bladder dysfunction may occur in severe cases but should be transient. If severe, spinal cord disorder should be suspected.
  • Answer: No. If it may be a malpractice infection, recommend you doctor for more advice.
  • Answer: This is dependant on what pain pill.
    I only have personal experience with Tylenol.
    It starts out with a stomach pain and headache.
    Gradually vomiting occurs, and depending-a burning feeling in your nose.
    The person overdosing will vomit several times before it is out of their system.
    The day or two after the nose burning and headache continue.
  • Answer: With any sudden onset of any severe scrotal pain (or testicular pain), one should seek medical attention immediately.  There may be several causes of testicular pain, but the most important cause of acute and severe testicular pain is testicular torsion.  This is an emergent situation and requires surgical treatment within 4-12 hours of the onset of pain.  The scenario of testicular torsion is especially common in a male who is an adolescent or young adult.
  • Answer: It Depends on how hard you are hurt sometimes,sometimes not
  • Answer: I have only heard of qigong as a method for advanced practitioners to control and temporarily displace the perception of pain; note that the pain will still be sensed at the receptors in the skin/organs involved, but the perception of pain by the mind will be diminished or felt to be absent.
  • Answer: No, they should be treated with respect and honesty.
  • Answer: You will mainly feel the pain in the thumb when you have broken it.It can sometimes radiate up the forearm though and could even makeyou vomit.
  • Answer: The pain signal carrying neurons do not form in the spinal cord until 19 weeks and their connections to the cognitive centers of the brain do not form until 23-24 weeks, so it is unlikely pain cold be felt before that and near impossile that it could be felt before 19 week. The first evidence of higher cortical function (i.e. the ability to know you are in pain) starts at about 29 weeks.

    So we have no way of feelign pain until 19 weeks, no way to ge tthe pain signal to the brain until 24 weeks and no ability to understand that we are in pain until 29 weeks. Abortions nearly always are done during the time period before the fetus can feel any pain.

    Spinal reflexes are in place earlier and account for reports of flinching when touched etc.

    See related links for a full discussion including comemntary on the abortion issue.
  • Answer: Yes.No, not always. If the woman is aroused and lubricated enough, sex should not be painful. Many women have already ruptured their hymens through vigorous athletic activity prior to having sexual intercourse for the first time. Also, if a female is nervous or scared enough, not only can this inhibit arousal and lubrication, it can cause the vaginal muscles to constrict, thereby making intercourse difficult or impossible.

Does the eye feel pain?

  • Yes.

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