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  • Answer: he was a famous stripper
  • Answer: What exactly do you mean?
  • Answer: Thomas Hardy was born on June 2, 1840 and died on January 11, 1928. Thomas Hardy would have been 87 years old at the time of death or 175 years old today.
  • Answer: Thomas Moore became a saint in 1935 because pope pius XI and the catholic church thought he deserved it.
  • Answer: A very rare syndrome characterised mainly by heart malformations,kidney problems and cleft lip or palate.
  • Answer: Thomas Hobbes died on December 4, 1679 at the age of 91.
  • Answer: Long battle with liver cancer that he had before his massive heart attack.
  • Answer: i know there is an issue of F.E.D.S. magazine where he gives an exclusive interview. there may be some answers in there.Brother Khalil Islam, AKA Thomas 15X Johnson, passed away in New York City in 2009. May Allah be always pleased with the work he did on behalf of the Nation of Islam and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.....
  • Answer: Thomas Garrett was an American abolitionist and leader in theUnderground Railroad movement before the American Civil War. ThomasGarrett grew up in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania with 12 brothers andsisters.
  • Answer: Leon Thomas III is 23 years old (birthdate: August 1, 1993).
  • Answer: Clarence Thomas, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, is still alive. He was born in 1948.
  • Answer: Perhaps you are referring to the British clergyman-- he was a minister in the Church of England (in the USA, this denomination today is called the Episcopalians, but in England, it is called the Anglicans); during colonial times, the Church of England sent him to Maryland to establish congregations there, and he also was involved in trying to convert the Indians to Christianity.
  • Answer: he was a prostitute

When did Thomas Nast die?

  • Thomas Nast died on December 7, 1902 at the age of 62.

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