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  • Answer: substansive due process is the promise of the fundamental rights that are implicit in ordered societyprocedural due process is the promise of fundamental fairness in legal proceedings
    In general, substantive due process prohibits the government from infringing on fundamental constitutional liberties. By contrast, procedural due process refers to the procedural limitations placed on the manner in which a law is administered, applied, or enforced. Thus, procedural due process prohibits the government from arbitrarily depriving individuals of legally protected interests without first giving them notice and the opportunity to be heard.
  • Answer: It is similar with defecation only in that both help to overcome nitrogenous wastes in the body. Defecation helps to pass out the solid wastes. But defecation can not be called excretion on the physiological grounds as the waste does not cross any semipermeable membrane as is required in the process of excretion.
  • Answer: fork gives a 0 value for child process and non zero for parentprocess
  • Answer: once an action has been planned, it becomes necessary to monitor results to determine if the plan is progressing as desired. At times you must interject some action to tweek the plan to get it back under control. The controlling function thus assists in keeping your plan on track
  • Answer: TSR means Technical Support Representative in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies. It functions as dealing to technical concerns that will satisfied clients.
  • Answer: It simply means that the case is placed on a dead docket and will not be processed unless you get into trouble again and someone brings it up again for process.
  • Answer: it has device (unit system) for process on the your PC.
  • Answer: When talking about the United States of America it is the right of every person, under our jurisdiction (without regard to citizenship or crime the person is accused, from petty theft to mass murder/terrorism), to the same fair rules and due process in all cases brought to trial before any of our courts from the local county court all the way up to the Supreme Court.

    This is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights and other Amendments, primarily in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments and partially in the Fourth.

    Other countries may differ on their exact standards of Due Process.
  • Answer: to control the information of the computer while telling each component what to do
  • Answer: This is the right to a fair trial or hearing before you can be imprisoned or your property taken or others sanctions imposed against you. The exact due process depends on what action is taken against you.
  • Answer: The refining process is the chemical process by which impuritiesare removed from precious metal. The chemical process involvesdissolving the target metal and then precipitating it back out.
  • Answer: Refer to pg 287 on Inquiry into Life (Sylvia S. Mader)
  • Answer: Normal; not law
  • Answer: Biopsychology is a branch of psychology which examines how thebrain and neurotransmitters affect our thoughts, emotions, andbehavior. The bio-psychological process looks at how an impulse, orchemical release from the brain and travelling through theneurotransmitters elicit psychological responses.

Is hydrotubation process painfull?

  • Hydrotubation is a very painful process and should be done under sedation. That way, you will not feel much of the pain and will not remember most parts of d procedure.

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