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  • Answer: when you put ice on it... ;)
  • Answer: Nobody, because you never knew that the car was going to lose control!
  • Answer: a cell loses water by osmosiswhen this happens the cell shrivels up. This normally happens when a cell is placed in a hypertonic (higher total concentration of solutes) solution. the water diffuses out of the cell, causeing the cell to shrivel.
  • Answer: well it means that they think that they are fat and want to be like those models out there and be skinny it also means that they want to fit into the small sizes at shops and want to be able to wear the tops where you can se your tummy. it also means for a boy that they want to grow a 6 pack
  • Answer: When someone becomes spiritually disoriented, it usually results from some form of mental illness such as depression or even schizophrenia. People can lose interest in the pleasures of life, even in life itself. They can be unsociable or disturbed. The best course of action is to put them in touch with an appropriate support group or medical professional.
  • Answer: Currency depreciation is a decrease in the value of money in afloating exchange rate. This is due to market forces and not by anofficial decision of a government.
  • Answer: First we must understand just what the soul is. Both the body and the spirit which inhabits the body are referred to as the Soul of man. No one ever looses their soul, because of the atonement of Christ all will be reunited with their body and spirit. What one looses is not returning the the presence of God when we die, but only have the attendance of Christ or the Holy Spirit. Have no fear my friend your body and souls will always be together, the important thought is where will they spend the eternities.Answer:According to some Eastern believe, the ultimate soul of living entity is the memory store of all of our unspent karmic energy. The Natural Law of Karma governs the occurence of good and bad effects in consequence of corresponding good and bad intentional actions done by a living being. These actions create kammic energy which are stored in our soul until they are spent at the right time.
  • Answer: Blaise Pascal claimed to prove that belief in God is rational with the argument, "If God does not exist, one will lose nothing by believing in him, while if he does exist, one will lose everything by not believing. We are compelled to gamble."
  • Answer: Because of a leak, a bad PCV valve, or worn or broken piston rings that allow oil to seep into the cylinders and be burned along with the gasoline. Also, if the crankcase is overfilled, it may blow oil out the breather on the engine.

    In the case of the PCV valve, there will be blue smoke coming out of the bottom of the engine. In the case of rings, it will come out of the exhaust pipe. If there is a leak, it should show on the ground where the car is parked. In the case of overfilling, you will have oil in the engine compartment someplace. This could also be the case in the event of a leak.

    It is normal for an engine to burn some oil, but if it is down more than a pint in 5,000 miles, or if the engine has more than 100K miles, there is probably a repairable problem.
  • Answer: the manufactors
  • Answer: Sounds reasonable.
  • Answer: where japan have victories and loses

What happens when a girl loses her virginty?

  • This is a very tricky question. physically it means that the girl is ready for sex. however it is the psychological factor that plays a big role in it. losing virginity has different meaning in different parts of the world. those belonging to the old school considering protecting the virginity a virtue. however, with time virginity now is not a treasured thing any more. it is you mind set that will determine whether losing or protecting virginity is a virtue or not. otherwise losing virginity is a common body function which should not be considered bad or negative, it simply has to happen and you need to accept it with a positive frame of mind if you want to have a fulfilling life.

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