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Why is there a Lump at side of neck?

  • where exactly is the lump ,roughly how big is it ,is it sore does it feel hard or squashy is it the only lump on that side of the body or is it on both sides of the neck regards t if it is a hard small lump i would suggest it could be a ganglian lump of gristle attached to ligaments . if it is hard to the touch i would also expect this .on the other hand if the lump is quite bigger and squidgy and you have had a viral infection etc your glands could be enlarged . but also if the lump has got gradually larger over a long period of time and maybe includes enlarged lumps under your armpits as well and maybe loss of weight and tiredness and night sweats then it could be more serious and should be making an appointment with your gp at the very least regards tracey

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