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  • Answer: That is totally an opinion. To some people it may be to others maybe not.
  • Answer: muslim and chinese people can eat meat
  • Answer: The main nutrient is protein
  • Answer: Meat is a great source for some necessary nutrients, but not the only source. You can stay healthy w/o meat, but you need to watch and plan your diet so that you still get what you need. If you ignore this and simply stop eating meat your health is likely to deteriorate and you may even develop deficiency illnesses.
  • Answer: It depends on which type of Buddhism. Some sects allow meat eating (ex. Japanese Buddhism) while others call for vegetarianism.
  • Answer: In many ways, YES. If 2000 pounds of meat fell on your from 100 feet up, you probably would DIE. If you start eating some chunk of meat and choke on it, you may die. If there was Cyanide or other lethal chemicles in it........YOU WILL DDDIIIEEE.
  • Answer: Meat contains nutrients such as protein.
  • Answer: Not necessarily meat is needed for a 12 year old, but you should consume the same amount of grams of protein as the number of your body weight. You should eat at least a fistful if not more meat per day if you are 12 years of age.
  • Answer: Gives protein to the body
  • Answer: It stays cool. A cold pack or a bag of frozen peas accomplishes the same thing but neither of those is any good on the grill once you finish with it.
  • Answer: Almost all vitamins are present in meat. Vitamin A and some important amino acids are not in sufficient quantities. Eggs and vegetables are recommended for them.
  • Answer: As the costs to produce meat has gone up, which in turn is passed on to the consumer. Also those selling meat to the consumer want more and more profit against the wholesale costs to their purchase price.
  • Answer: Chicken or fish. Red meat is not bad, but is not as healthy as the aforementioned.
  • Answer: most hippies are vegitarian ( dont eat meat), or vegans (dont eat meat or drink milk).

Is red meat bad for you?

  • Yes, red meat can be bad for you if you eat too much of it.

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  • Answer: Actually if you get it from a local farm its unhealthier food because they take it straight out of the animal.
  • Answer: Meat packers market to many locations, some of these locations include;

    1. Supermarkets or retail butchers
    2. Food Manufacturers such as canned soup, meat pie or pasta sauce.
    3. Cosmetic firms use the talow rendered from the animal fats
    4. Smallgood mqanufacturers for hotdogs, salamis and sausages.
    5. Some meat packers also export to non livestock carrying countries such as those in the middle east and some ports af Asia
    The list goes on I hope that this helps.
    shaun w Australia
  • Answer: What God wants can seem contradictory; for example, there is a law "thou shalt not kill" but Jesus apparently serves fish to the multitudes. God orders elaborate animal sacrifice/slaughter in the Bible so from a Judeo-Christian perspective, meat eating does not seem to be prohibited.

    The Bible aside, though, if you can reduce unnecessary suffering and violence in the world and help the environment, vegetarianism can be a good idea! It does show a respect for life....
  • Answer: Cooking meat kills "germs."
  • Answer: No not if you want to but the proteins will need to be made up from other foods including vitamins as well.
  • Answer: yes because it can cause to gain weight and heart will pump slower
  • Answer: Beef is one of the most used - however, it up to the person who makes the pie what they want in it.

    YEAH, but most popular is beef pie or chicken pie. They are really nice and people do really like to eat them. And it is up to the person who makes them what to put in them.
  • Answer: Human teeth and digestive systems are not designed toeat meat what to talk of RAW MEAT. It was and hasbeen practiced only to eat meat when no other kind of food was oris available. Mother Earth and Nature provide enough food and of SOMUCH VARIETY for human beings to eat, relish, enjoy and stayhealthy.The rest is all self designed by the individualistminds.only if you live in a trailer park.....
    I disagree with this
    You should not eat raw meat you buy at the grocery store that isnot processed for raw consumption. Especially poultry and groundmeats are to be avoided as the danger of bacterial contaminationand food poisoning is high. Nor do I recommend eating raw meat youprepare yourself.

    But raw beef is served as high class cuisine in many restaurants,and if you go to a reputable place you can eat raw meat, just beprepared, as it is pricey.
    Beef carpaccio, Tartare, tataki, blue rare steak are common ways ofserving expensive cuts of steak raw or sometimes venison

    As well seafood sushi often served raw fish.

    Traditional Inuit groups in Northern Canada used to eat raw organsas cooking required fuel and heat, and raw organs containednecessary vitamins, as well as being easier to digest.
  • Answer: Twice a week
  • Answer: Yes, red meat can be bad for you if you eat too much of it.
  • Answer: Animal foods, especially red meat, are among the largest sources of saturated fats in our diet. Eliminating meat―beef, pork, lamb, poultry―one day a week can reduce your risk of dying from heart disease and some cancers.

  • Answer: Vegetations have to rely on beans to replace red meat.
    Red meat with little fat is an excellent, if not best, choice for protein especially if it is lean red meat. Beware, however, you only need a small amount of meat because it is much higher in saturated fats (you need only a small amount of this sort of fat!).
    Also red meat is a good source of iron which is a nice bonus to protein.
  • Answer: It would be really easy for me to say with your mouth but your question needs more detail. Do you want to know how to eat meat in the physical terms or how people can morally eat meat because you have to kill an animal to obtain it.
  • Answer: In the US, it is illegal. In Asia, Africa, and Europe, it is ok.