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  • Answer: Pet-Co is very safe to buy your Pets!When they first come Home with you there not disease written and they have all their shots and some are spayed and nuettered! You should get your Pets at Pet-Co. They have a great breed of pets there.-Alexandra
  • Answer: because it has a seat belt on all seats ♥♥♥
  • Answer: if its only with one person then you can do it as much times as you want
  • Answer: If it is built by humans, maintained by humans, for the benifit of humans then it cannot be 100% safe
  • Answer: You can never truly have really safe sex. you can use protection. condoms and birth control pills help. Even if you use them,theres still a chance to get pregnant.
  • Answer: Abosolutely not, the key could get caught in your throat and you would choke and die.
  • Answer: It should be
  • Answer: No one knows for certain although it has been proven that they are the safest way to travel.
  • Answer: Yes most definitly
  • Answer: no p2p is safe and never will be. your isp will always know what you are downloading/uploading. the safest way to download music is threw google. Do a little research.
  • Answer: Yes it is. It is VERY VERY VERY safe to use. And necessary for a lot of programs to run properly.
  • Answer: That would depend entilrey on WHAT you were hoping to use it for.
  • Answer: Q-tips are not actually considered safe for use for removal of earwax, even though that is what most people use them for. It is not an infrequent occurrence for the cotton end to become loose and for the pointy plastic end to then damage the ear canal. There is also a risk of causing an impaction of earwax, and of irritating the lining of the ear canal resulting in infection. ( These issues are even greater when parents use q-tips on children to clean their ears, since the adult is effectively guessing how much "force" needs applying. )
    Q-tips can also be used to remove nail polish splodges and for applying creams/emollients to small areas (e.g treating acne). In these instances they are perfectly safe to use.
  • Answer: No.

Are you safe in bandung?

  • You will be safe general rules apply however

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