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  • Answer: There is no age limit or required age to have a toenail fungus. It is usually caused by poor hygiene and infections. So if you do not take care of your body properly especially your foot chances are high that you could get diseases like toenail fungus.
  • Answer: There are many type of fungus i.e. the field mushroom is a fungus which is safe to eat - not all mushrooms are
  • Answer: When mold grows on your toes.
  • Answer: Yes Fungi has DNA
  • Answer: That depends on the type of fungus and the severity of the fungal infection. If you have a mild yeast infection, for example, yogurt suppositories may help.
  • Answer: no it is not counted as a fungus
  • Answer: There´s medicine at the pharmacy over the counter so just ask your local pharmacist. Also wash feet and use clean socks every day and don´t trap them in shoes like sneakers everyday so they can´t breath. Also remember if you walk around barefoot that this is contagious and can get spread to others too.
  • Answer: Fungus can grow on the penis, although it is much less common than fungus growing in the vagina. If you have sex with a woman that has a yeast infection or other fungal infection, it is possible for you to contract it on your penis. Also, if you come in contact with fungus and then touch your penis in any way, you can risk a fungal infection, although this is highly unlikely. Fungal infections are easily treated by anti-fungal remedies that can be prescribed by your doctor or a local clinic.
  • Answer: Through microbes you breath in then the microbes settle and grow into fungus
  • Answer: Fungus gnats can be a nuisance to some people. They can beeliminated by the use of a common insect repellent.
  • Answer: There are a lot of reasons on how you could get a toenail fungus. One main reason why people have this or suffers from this condition is that they have a very poor hygiene on there body especially on there foot. It is also cause by infections from fungi that could be found outside our environment.
  • Answer: It is conjunctivits also called Madras eye most commonlly due to allergic reaction and due to viral or bacterial infection but not reported by any fungus
  • Answer: Yes it is. It is a common misconception that ringworm is an actual worm. Ringworn is a fungal infection of the skin that presents itself as a ring shaped rash.
  • Answer: Fungus mold because of warmth and wetness.
  • Answer: yes very only if you inhale it though it depends

I am a type of fungus that grows around your toes What am i?

  • I am a types of fungus that grows around your toes and may well beone of the best known fungi, tinea pedis or athletes foot. It iscontagious and requires attention sooner, than later.

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