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  • Answer: What is the historical background of drug addiction
  • Answer: drug abuse is like being a meth head u gotta have it you;ll still for it and go to jail for it you hurt your family ,you and friends for it .. drug miss use is when you take to many pills the doc gives u by mistake or u mix over the counter ones u dont know you should not be mixing with other ones and maybe useing wroung ones for wroung reson why u should always contact doctor
  • Answer:
    Drug misuse means a maladaptive pattern of taking drugs that causeyou harm despite knowing their bad effects.
  • Answer: alcohol is one of the most excessively abused drugs, partially because of its addictive traits, and the fact that it is legal. illegal drugs are still abused, however some people may think f any use of illegal drugs as "abusive" while the users will probably disagree. sleeping pills and other opiates are legal but require a prescription. some of the prescribed patiens abuse the drug and take excessives amount to feel "good". prescription drugs are also sold on the street for people to illegally purchase and use for recreational purposes.
  • Answer: Drug dependent is someone who can not live off the drug they shake and vomit when they do not have it. Drug addiction is someone when on it does not want to stop doing it.
  • Answer: Drug abuse is when you spend all your money on heroin and dont pay rent, or really do anything else. Drug misuse is when you inject it into your shoe.
  • Answer: drug abuse is when you overuse or misuse a drug such as prescription drugs for purposes other than what it was meant to be used for. drug addiction is when you experience withdrawal symptoms after discontinued use of a drug.
  • Answer: Drug abuse is when person uses a drug on purpose with negative side effects whereas drug misuse is when a person improperly uses a drug that cause negative side effects.

    Drug abuse, like alcohol abuse, is when you use a drug excessively, to the detriment of your physical or mental health.
    Misuse is when a drug is not used properly, such as taking the wrong dose, or using the wrong drug for the wrong purpose. For instance, taking antibiotics for a cold. Since colds are caused by viruses, and antibiotics only work for bacterial infections, that would be a misuse of antibiotics.
  • Answer: Academic difficulties; Agressive behavior; Alcohol and/or other drug abuse; Anxiety; Attention problems; Bad dreams; Bed wetting; Behavior problems; Chronic pain; Compulsive sexual behaviors; Concentration problems; Dangerous behavior such as speeding; Dehydration; Depression; Dissociative states; Eating disorders; Failure to thrive; Fear or shyness; Fear of certain adults or places; Frequent injuries; Insomnia; Learning problems; Lying; Malnutrition; Oppositionality; Panic attacks; Physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches; Repeated self-injury; Risky sexual behaviors; Running away; Self neglect; Separation anxiety; Sexual dysfunction; Sleep disorders; Social withdrawal; Stealing; Stuttering; Substance abuse; Suicide attempts; Thumb-sucking or any age-inappropriate behavior; Truancy.2,3,6,15
  • Answer: in my personal opinon, i think the reason abuse started among children is because their easy, their vulnerable and as the absuser being an adult or older child, they will believe anything you say. they believe that is they tell, it will only get worse. and the reason adults abuse their children, in any form or shape, i think is because not that they hate the child, but because, they have their own personal issues, that they take out in the child because their an easy target.
  • Answer: Yes, they do it mentally and sometimes physically. They are careless and non-loving.
  • Answer: everything and anything
  • Answer: go to the council and they will sort out a short term hostal and move you into a long term home when they find somewhere.

How does drug abuse affect children?

  • well it depends, first of all why are you asking that particular question, and second, if a child is drug abused they can die, and it can lead to sexual horassment by a 30 year old.

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