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  • Answer: There are an unlimited number of substances that will make yousick. Molds and spoiled foods will make you sick for example.
  • Answer: If you have problems with gluten, a non dairy creamer may make yousick as it can contain hidden traces of gluten. Dairy creamer maymake you sick if you are sensitive to dairy products or lactoseintolerant. Cream that is not refrigerated can go bad and growbacteria that can make you sick.
  • Answer: It can make you sick if the food has gone bad (bad food grows bugs on it, you get food poisoning), or if you have an allergy to the food (a histamine reaction - bits of you swell up, you get rashes etc...), or if you have an intolerance to the food (not a histamine reaction, but some kind of noticable side-effect from eating it; stomach ache everytime you eat a certain food etc... ).
  • Answer: yes, but only if you eat too much of itdepends on how much you ingest. too much of anything can make you sick
  • Answer: Raw eggs will not necessarily make you sick. Eating them raw (as well as many other forms of raw food) can cause salmonella, a bacterial infection that can cause extreme stomach cramping, diarrhea and vomiting. Though the likely hood of your egg containing the bacteria is not high, it is still not a recommended practice.
  • Answer: studies have shown that dirt, or old bactiria in the apples corecan cause out of experience and possibly non likeable. so the answer is yes they do go offTest it and see what you think.kid regardsd-skillbro2107
  • Answer: It is very possible that novocaine can make you feel sick. It is acommon problem that novocaine will cause nauseous.
  • Answer: Yes (except if it was a very small quantity).
  • Answer: Swerve, Speed, Go Over Bumps, Sharp Turns, Brake Quickly
  • Answer: An apple could make you sick because it is rotten or has unwanted pesticide chemicles which cause a reaction in your body that make you feel sick.
  • Answer: Yes, eubacteria can make you very sick. Salmonella is the worsttype of sickness that a person can get from eubacteria.
  • Answer: yes ever drug has side affects check with your doctor before taking
  • Answer: yes, accually if you were to eat them and nothing but for a week straight. they contain an acid called elmincica. it causes your stomache acids to produce many more cacids than usual. giving you heart burn and more.

Will standing in the rain make you sick?

  • Possibly, when you get wet in the rain, the temperature of you body is lowered. These temperature fluctuations can lower your resistance against virus or bacteria, allowing them to penetrate your immune system with more ease and infect you.

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