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  • Answer: fast enough for me .I wish I did not
  • Answer: the first thing i found has helped my hair grow really long is to begin by cutting off all or atleast most of your split ends. If your hair is damaged it will just continue to brake off. After your hair is healthy again take vitamins , they will provide your hair with the "food" it needs to grow , also condition well and make sure to use warm not hot water on the hair. drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Also avoid using flat iorns and curling iorns i noticed they damaged my hair alot in the past much more then blow dryers but let hair air dry when ever you can. I also heard that massaging your scalp increases blood flow allowing better cirrculation to your scalp

    Split ends definitely need to be cut to keep hair growing long. If they are not cut, the split continues to travel up the hair shaft, causing hair to break prematurely. Hair vitamins definitely will help to encourage long hair growth fast. Hair grows based on what we feed our bodies. The more vitamins you are able to eat or supplement, the better chance your hair has to receive the left over nutrients not taken away from other parts of the body that have to function, such as your vital organs.
  • Answer: Well this is what I use to do when I was going to take a shower I will put sme tomatoes and use it as my shampoo and keep using it until you have your long hair.
  • Answer: to help your hair grow longer, small changes and tips can make a difference. however, to make your hair grow fast,not many things can be done. hair is different via every person, due to genetics. i know, it stinks. hair needs nuitrients found in shampoo, so use what works for your hair, dont use a fancy brand just because. if the product does not work for your hair... well, hey! what is wrong with sauve or pantine? also, dont bleach your hair with lemons. that drains hair from natural oils and nuitrients needed for propper growth. make sure to use a soft bristle brush for normal hair types to let your hair relax and keep intact. afyerall, you want to grow hair, not loseit! one last thing: healthy trims are needed for growth! gt a trim every 2 to 4 months. i know, cuttin off hair doesnt seem it would help more grow, but it does! trust your hairstylist too.... she might not get he idea of a "trim" and go cray wih the scissors. take it from me, be specific! also, dont runn your fingers through hair every second because that creates grease, not healthy oils. grease obviously is not good, for anything exept mcdonalds. now take care of those locks and wait! chao
  • Answer: The rate of hair growth all over the body is approximately one-half inch per month.
  • Answer: Hair growth rate is up to the nature of your body. As long as you eat a healthy diet of protein, carbohydrates, including fruit, and vegetables, at least you will not slow the hair growth.
  • Answer: Stay away from heating products as much as possible.
  • Answer: No, short of taking hormones with nasty side effects, there is no way to increase the rate of hair growth, aside from the brief increase that is caused by shaving.

  • Answer: Hair grows approx 12mm every day
  • Answer: 1000 dollarsNo,not that much but its would cost ambey around 10-30 dollars for a basic haircut ,no coulor or styling
  • Answer: Depends on the guy, I would say most like it longer
  • Answer: Depends on the guy, I would say most like it shorter.

    No, Not necessarily I once took a survey at my high school and almost every guy preferred longer hair. So I would say longer.
  • Answer: well there are many ways to make your hair grow longer and faster.Well you have to eat healthy fruits, veggies, snacks, and more.You should eat stuff with vitaman a,b,c,d,b6, and more. There are ways to ruin your hair like avoiding shampoos, oils, and conditioners.Well you should eat at least up to 20 healthy foods total in a week.Exerisice 15-30 minutes anywhere.Top best 10 foods that make your hair grow are: 10:Yogort and Kefir 9:Sprouts 8: nuts and seeds 7:Hot Peppers 6:Beans and lentils 5:Buckwheat 4:Green Grasses 3:Barley 2:The Alluim family means salad 1:Acai a brazillian berry. And the best oil for your hair is Olive Oil.When you shower and your hair is wet try to let it dry, you can dry it will a towel, but it CAN damage your hair, so its better to just let it dry by it self. and dont brush your hair while its wet.This is a true guide for long healthy shining hair.
    Hope this helps Yours only,
    Mike Sandprera
  • Answer: idk u will have to wait and see
  • Answer: To make your hair grow long faster alls you need to do are a few simple things for one dont dye your hair very much my hair does not grow because of it and my hairs blue and also about every 6 weeks go and get it trimmed that might sound crazy but you are cutting the split ends off which is what is slowing down the growth of your hair

How do you grow your hair fast with short hair?

  • dont cut it! you cant grow your hair fast and it does take time. just be patient.

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  • Answer: dont cut it! you cant grow your hair fast and it does take time. just be patient.
  • Answer: You can use a special shampoo or treatment to put in your hair. You can eat food and snacks to make your hair grow such as walnuts.
  • Answer: sure, grow it out and straighten it.
  • Answer: Short hair does not grow faster than long hair. Short hair onlyseems to grow longer than long hair because of the ratio of hairthat is growing compared to the overall length.
  • Answer: Hair on average grows 1/2 inch a month. Everyone is diffrent, it may grow less due to bad health, medicine, or heredity. In summer months it may grow a slight bit more due to blood pressure raised, and more blood flow to skin = more food for the hair.
  • Answer: Of course it can grow! You just have to let it. It takes a lot of time to see a major difference on most people. It grows something like a quarter of an inch a month on average.
  • Answer: No, short hair does not grow faster than longer hair. It may appear that it does as the difference in length can be more noticeable. In addition to this, people who have long hair are more likely to have split ends which leads to broken hairs, hindering hair growth. This is also more frequent with people who use hairdryers and straighteners.So getting hair trimmed can eliminate spit ends but no, it doesnt encourage growth from the root. This is inconvenient if you have just got a short haircut which is particularily tragic, as it will not grow any faster than other hair lengths, but on the bright side your hair will be healthier.
  • Answer: Hair grows at an average rate of about 1/2 inch per month.
  • Answer: That only happens when you cut it various times then the hair roots grows faster than it normally does. I have to cut my hair every three weeks because it grows an inch thick for me.
  • Answer: Well, the answer to that question depends on how tall you are. Between the 5"ft and 6"ft mark, your best bet is to lather your head with mayonnaise and chicken feathers before you go to bed. The protein from the egg activates your folicle structure and the quills send a signal to your brain to activate your hair growth due to the texture. Your scalp and symphatic nervous system work together to try to produce insulation out of basic survival techniques. Standing inside a walk in freezer only adds to this phenomonon Hope this helps.
  • Answer: Eat lots of dog poop. Feed your dog a diet of hard crunchy stinky kibbles and then go outside, pick up that crap, and shove it in your mouth.
  • Answer: guys are different when it comes to women some guys like girls with long or medium hair either blond or brown or what ever color it just depends on the guy
  • Answer: Minoxidil preparations (RoGaine) probably have the best track record for hair restoration, though it still may take 6-12 months for full benefit.
  • Answer: more intake of vitamins(e specially) and gilatine eatables work wonders!