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What are the greatest dangers to teenagers today?

  • Vehicular accidents, alcohol and drug abuse, extreme sports, and firearms, to the name several important ones.

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  • Answer: Vehicular accidents, alcohol and drug abuse, extreme sports, and firearms, to the name several important ones.
  • Answer: The greatest good to the greatest amount is an ethic, or ideal held by individuals who consider their actions. In order to be ethical, one has to consider the consequences of their own actions, those of others and those that happen because of unforeseen events. In order to be ethical one must necessarily accept responsibility for their own actions, no matter how minute those actions may be, be able and willing to accept responsibility for others, if they are unable or unwilling to accept that responsibility themselves, and to accept responsibility for those unforeseen events that affect us all. Those who do this and act in ways toward facilitation the greatest good to the greatest amount are ethical, those who act in ways contrary to that ideal are not ethical.

    It is a tall order for any individual, to accept so much responsibility. It is, however, what is required if one individual ever hopes to facilitate the greater good. Because there is so much effort involved in being ethical, it is tempting to believe that a group or society might be better suited for facilitating the greater good. The problem with this idea is that groups or societies are only as ethical as the individuals who occupy those groups or societies. In the end, only the individual can make the decision to be ethical and no one else can make that decision for them. If we are to be ethical we must be as individuals first. We must be supermen and superwomen if we are ever to be truly ethical. This is why comic book heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Batman are so popular in western cultures, as are the classic myths of heroes such as Hercules, Achilles, Hector and King Leopold of Sparta or even Luke Skywalker, all are mythical heroes designed to inform and instruct us on how to behave as a hero, how to behave as an ethical man. In the comic book Spiderman, it was Uncle Ben who warned Peter Parker that "with great power comes great responsibility." As true as that may be, perhaps there is no greater power than that of accepting responsibility.
  • Answer: marijuana,exstacy,and cocaine are the most common used drug by teenagers
  • Answer: People who are so stupid they have to ask about it on wiki anwers
  • Answer: the answer is increase of wild fires
  • Answer: The four most prominent religions in the world, and their greatestconcentrations are as follows:

    • Christianity -- Greatest concentration in Europe, the Americas,Australia, Southern Africa, and surrounding regions.
    • Islam -- Greatest concentration in the Middle East, NorthernAfrica, and surrounding regions.
    • Hinduism -- Greatest concentration in India, China, andsurrounding regions.
    • Buddhism -- Greatest concentration in China, Mongolia, andsurrounding regions.

  • Answer: -geographic isolation- groups of same population of species are separated for long periods of time
    -reproductive/genetic isolation- mutation and natural selection change the genes
    -behavioral isolation- being nocturnal or diurnal
  • Answer: I would feel women have more EQ (Emotional Intelligence) than men . But Men have more IQ (Analytical and Logical Intelligence). On a whole I feel Men are more intelligent than women. One simple evidence is that, almost 99 % of inventions, explorations, great scientific achievements in the world have been men. I one area women have been superior to men is on feelings and emotions. Please let me know for any other views.

    Till the age of 20(approximately) Women have better mantal/physical maturity than men . So women do better in those ages (schools and colleges)It has been biologically proven. But after That I feel Men have better maturity since their maturity gets completed by 25.

    That is really an opinion question. But, I think that most people should agree to that both are equal. It really depends on the type of people that you might be talking about.
    It is actually known that boys are 25% more intelligent than girls.
  • Answer: It is this day, today,,,Saturday; The same day that the question is asking.
  • Answer: Christians are active in faith and in deed, We Christians workconstantly trying to impress and do good for God, We help the poor,We go to church, We spread the word of the Gospel to others inhopes they will join us in our faith. Not all Christians act likethis though, there are some who do nothing other then keeping whatthey believe to themselves because they are afraid of being caught.
  • Answer: The airplane can mailfunction its engine and you will crash and about 100ft to the ground and die like a toothpick in half.Easy as that.But hey there might be a miracle.