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Is it okay to assist someone at suicide?

  • It is not. In most states if you assist someone in committing suicide, you are considered an accomplice and can be charged for your actions.

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  • Answer: it means you helped the person get the tools to commit suicide convinced them to commit suicide or gave them reason to commit suicide
  • Answer: It is not. In most states if you assist someone in committing suicide, you are considered an accomplice and can be charged for your actions.
  • Answer: "Assist" is usually a verb, synonym of "help." Sports reportershave started using it sometimes as a noun. In basketball, forexample, say Player A has the ball and his teammate Player B ismoving into good position to make a shot. Player A passes the ballat the right time to Player B who then scores. Player B made thegoal with an assist from Player A.
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  • Answer: Everybody has a gift for making and giving a contribution to the coming new civilization.I would say to you that you must use your gifts in a way that is of service to your fellow man or else its just one big waste.Through the art of both meditation and self realization, along with some service your gifts of the spirit will grow into something of very rare beauty which is hard to find in this dark dank world of untold suffering and misery.If you are at the point of trying to find out what your gift is then you must study ,meditate and commit your self to the goal of achieving a stage of inner divinity.
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  • Answer: they assist the party floor leaders.
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  • Answer: One thing to keep in mind when considering this question. You as a health care provider can be held libel for anything you say to a patient. Regardless, of the subject matter. Now, with that in mind always be mindful of the religious orientation of the client. Never try to change the clients belief. It is however, your responsibility to comfort. Learn what you can about what they already belive and try to reinforce that.
    Remember to be mindful of your surroundings others my not approve of you making any interjection of any kind. You could lose your job, your license, or your freedom, if an innocent comment or action is misunderstood.
    Now with all that in mind, always reinforce what is positive and minimize the negative. Unless of course your patient is Lucifarian.
    After reading over this I see that I have used the word "Mind" frequently It is appropriate, although it sounds repetitious.
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