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  • Answer: The average cost for an animal shelter to euthanize an animal is about $15.
  • Answer: Definitely. If giving kife is not in our hands, then we dont have any right to take it.
  • Answer: Sometimes when people have a very serious and incurable disease they would prefer to be dead than to continue to be alive but sick. Euthanasia is the practice of killing such people.
  • Answer: Euthanasia means "killing someone because that persons life is considered unbearable through pain, incurable disease etc." Usually, it is done with the consent of the sufferer. It is illegal in most countries, because it is considered murder.
  • Answer: It depends on how you view things and how bad your situation is. You should always ask what the victim wants to do instead of just making the decision for them.
  • Answer: euthanasia is assisted suicide. There are loads of different views on it but some people think its right because in some cases, it can be the most caring thing to do, for example:

    If a loved one was diagnosed with a terminal illness and they are in constant pain every day and suffer phisicaly and mentaly from this pain... if the asked you to help them end their life, if it was what they wanted, if they wanted to die with dignity, die how THEY wanted to die, not just sit there for days on end just wishing that they were dead... then would it not be the most caring thing to do?
  • Answer: Humans
    It more-or-less painlessly ends the life of someone who is either terminally ill or in chronic pain or debility. In its modern form, it is sometimes termed "death with dignity" but may be legally classified as suicide, or homicide, when done outside professional medical practice.
    Animals are euthanized (usually by drug sedation) when they are either critically or irreparably injured, or for stray animals, when there is no viable option to care for them. Euthanasia is common for severely injured pets because of the low probabilty of survival for any extended period, which would cause unnecessary suffering.

    In early veterinary practice, there were several cases where attempted "euthanasia" by over-sedation failed, but resulted in the survival and recovery of the animal, once the stress of its injury was lessened. In humans, the analogous condition has become a deliberately-induced coma.
  • Answer: they find certain chemicals found in that drug like THC in marijuana
  • Answer: drug-drug interaction is when two or more drugs interact pharmacodynamically in such a way that the toxicity of one or more drugs are altered.while drug desease is any negative feedback a drug come with like addiction, tolerance, dependency. examples of drug deseases are veral hepatitis, drug abuse, drug induced liver desease e.t.c.
  • Answer: Personally, I think it is my life, my body and I should have the right to end it if I see fit. There are so many illnesses and diseases in this world today, horrible ones at that. Why should someone be forced to live through such a thing, all the pain and agony, only to die in the end anyway? If you had a pet with something horrible, you would put them out of their misery, so why not humans too? Sure, I think there should definitely be guidelines, some regulation. But in the end, when it comes down to it, I think you should be the one to make this final decision, not the government.
  • Answer: Some people just want to die. This is usually caused by emotional issues or mental health problems. There is an ethical/moralistic argument that suicide is a rational and even honorable choice when one has done something dishonorable or has otherwise been shamed. The Roman stoics held this belief, as did some Japanese.
    Euthanasia of people is prohibited by law--it amounts to murder. Even if one person begs another to kill them, doing so is a serious crime. There have been a number of cases where a family member or other loved one has ended the life of someone close to them without malice to alleviate their suffering, but these cases are usually treated and tried as murder.
  • Answer: Of course. It does not hurt the animal and it allows you to kill him. If we did not have this technology, then the doctors would probably shoot the animal, because that is really the only other way to kill them.
  • Answer: compulsery means "it has to be done" Euthanasia is the killing of a living being. together "compulsery euthanasis" means there is no choice, but to kill a living being.
  • Answer: here are some
    >Compassion & Choices
    >Compassion in Dying
    >Dignity in Dying
    >Exit International

    there are however many more
  • Answer: Euthanasia can be used in order to minimize pain and suffering in terminally ill patients. So rather than have a person who has 3 or 4 months left to live endure suffering, pain, anguish, etc., mercy killing can be used to give this person a quick end to a miserable existence.

Is euthanasia a drug?

  • No, it is the process of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. It is illegal in almost all of the world, but is a debatable issue for many.

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