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  • Answer: People would not recognize you.
    people will think you as a smelly person because you sweat after asport.
  • Answer: You will know when you have hit puberty when you have irrational mood swings, if your a girl your breasts will enlarge and form and your period will start (some people later than others), your hips will take form and you will get a more hourglass figure. if you are a boy your shoulders will broaden, you might notice a change in your penis, your voice will start to become deeper, sometimes when your body is going through this change you might get sudden erections. But both boys and Girls will notice pubic hair starting to grow.
    This process usually starts in the ages of 12-15.
  • Answer: No. It is not normal to barf, due to puberty. Maybe you have another problem you should get checked out.
  • Answer: It is acceptable to discuss things such as puberty at whatever age.
    If one is curious about something, one should gather information on the subject.
  • Answer: I think you cannot control your puberty. Some people hit puberty fast or slow.

    I believe it depends on your genetics and other things.
  • Answer: The guy gets very cranky. With some guys you might not be able to tell. Besides that they get hair where they did not have hair before.
  • Answer: possible but not so likely
  • Answer: The new surges of testosterone and estrogen cause hot flashes.
    Well when kids are in puberty they have alot of different emotions mainly girls boys too.
  • Answer: For men no (most of the time), for women yes.
  • Answer: Visit your doctor or pediatrician.
  • Answer: You cant because its natural
  • Answer: the changes that happen to the body.
  • Answer: Height cannot be increased in the adult unless through surgery. In persons of less than 21 years old height increase is natural and can only be enhanced by the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) , however, the use of HGH is very dangerous and not indicated in the normal individual, it is reserved for growth and some specific disorders.It is possible to obtain an increase in apparent height through some specific exercises and treatments that target posture and ligaments development.
  • Answer: Puberty allows the mind to mature (unfortunately it doesnt work for everyone). It sharpens your sex drive, strengthens your emothions etc. Basically, magnifies everything that builds up who you are.

How do boys over come the changes during puberty?

  • it all depends on body.

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