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  • Answer: B3 commonley known as niacin is a vitamin it is found in meat products like red meat, fish, organ meats (kidney, liver), prawns, pork,
  • Answer: Niacin is available in Walgreens. It is a vitamin B3 tablet and itis used to improve the cholesterol levels.
  • Answer: Niacin can be purchased as an oral single vitamin product. A balanced B complex supplement is preferred over high doses of an individual vitamin
  • Answer: Corner drug store. Folks use it to help control "bad" cholesterol (if their liver is in good shape). Look for "slo-niacin" or similar.
  • Answer: Why is niacin beneficial you ask? Well niacin is beneficial because it prevents pellagra. Dr.Goldenburger had found this out by having eleven prisoners eat potatoes.spuash potatoes,and sweet potatoes. seven of eleven had pellagra.
  • Answer: Lowers cholesterol level
  • Answer: Buckwheat contains about 1.6mg (8% daily value) of niacin (vitamin B3) in every serving (one cup).
  • Answer: drug stores like walgreens,CVS, ect.
  • Answer: painful flushing of the skin
  • Answer: painful flushing of the skin
  • Answer: it might clear your system for a drug test
  • Answer: Niacin is also known as vitamin B3. Good sources include beef, pork, chicken, wheat flour, maize flour, eggs and milk.
  • Answer: No,"Niacin has the effect called the niacin flush, which is an opening of the small blood vessels, the capillaries, so that more blood flows through them. These are the blood vessels which are of most value in reaching fatty tissues. In this way the toxins which are stored in these fatty tissues can be removed, into the bloodstream, and processed out of the body. But please careful with niacin. Large dosages cause skin reactions and health problems .It does not help in the short term and many drugtesting companies are testing for abnormal levels."
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    Best time of the day to consume prescription niacin is based on doctors orders.

What are good antidotes to Niacin?

  • There is no antidote. It is a water soluble vitamin so if you stop taking it and drink pleny of water it will be flushed out of tour system by your kidneys.

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  • Answer: There is no antidote. It is a water soluble vitamin so if you stop taking it and drink pleny of water it will be flushed out of tour system by your kidneys.
  • Answer: niacin is good for you.But not too much
  • Answer: Niacin is vitamin B3, therefore, there will be no drug interaction with it and other vitamins. All the same, it is recommended that you use food-based vitamins that are derived from natural sources, instead of the synthetic ones which will just put more stress on your body.
  • Answer: Toxicology and Pharmacology
  • Answer: Niacin does help rid the body of toxins. Its purpose is to support a healthy lipid blood profile. It does help for drug tests. THC is released into your blood stream from your fat. Niacin cleans the blood. The blood profile is released into your urine. Thus creating a clean urine state. When the niacin burns, it is working through you fat and blood. Proper flushing (diluting urine by urinating) is require to rid the chemicals.
  • Answer: Niacin is also called nicotinic acid, or vitamin B-3.
  • Answer: Niacin burns everything out of your fat cells and creates co-enzymes to convert it all into energy. Lots of niacin and lots of water works.
  • Answer: niacin or nicotinic acid one among the B-complex vitamins.
    also called pellagra preventive factor of Goldberg.
    the natural sources include yeast, whole grains, cereals, pulsesl like beans, peanuts. milk, fish, eggs and vegetables are moderate sources.
    the essential amino acid tryptophan can serve as a precursor for the nicotinamide coenzymes.(conversion ratio 60:1)
  • Answer: The US RDA for niacin is 20mg/day for adults.
    The US RDA for niacin is 15mg/day for kids.
  • Answer: In a terse manner, niacin (aka - nicotinic acid or vitamin B3) is used in the human body to form coenzymes - NAD & NADP - two very important components that are involved in energy restoration. A deficiency of niacin causes a disorder, pellagra.
  • Answer: If you overdose on niacin, which is basically just vitamin B3, it can have really bad effects. Signs of an overdose include: flushed skin, tingling skin, numb hands or feet, and diabetes-like symptoms. It is not something to mess around with. If you are trying to load your body up on niacin to beat a drug test, it is a bad idea.
  • Answer: Things
  • Answer: There is no Niacin OD. You can cause Liver and Kidney damage by taking too much though.
  • Answer: Niacin is the vitamin B3.
  • Answer: ANSWER: Almost any dugstore or pharmacy carries it in the vitamin section. If you cant find it there, it is sold online. See the related link for more information.