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  • Answer: Gum
  • Answer: That would be a cigar that was made in Cuba.
  • Answer: You have to be at least 19.
  • Answer: If cigars are cared for and stored properly they can last decades. Some are aged as long as 15 years before they are even sold.
  • Answer: 100% tobacco.
  • Answer: It is not easy to measure how many cigarettes are there in one cigar.

  • Answer: Romeo y Juliet cigars are moderately priced, tasty and good enough to share. Go to your local smoke shop and ask for the local favorite. I always try to find knowledgeable staff members at local shops before I try big retail chains. You might be suprised to find a down-to-earth cigar officianato right in your town. Best of luck--JoMacanudos are probably the most reliable mild cigars on the market.------I would agree that you should look for a mild cigar.
  • Answer: "Churchill"
  • Answer: If you are looking for information on different ring gauges, cigar names like "churchill" names of wrappers and styles, check the link.
  • Answer: You may get ten different answers from ten different people but I would throw my vote at Rocky Patel - Connecticut. Reasonably priced, smooth, creamy with buckets of smoke. Excellent cigar for long driving trips. Great with coffee. One of few I can buy by the box and not get tired of. They are humidity sensitive, too much or not enough and it will be just smoke instead of a cigar. 68 to 69% is good.
  • Answer: The earliest cigars were probably those rolled by native Cubans. A cigar pretty much is the exact same thing as an ciggarett.^_^
  • Answer: Check some of the online vendors, good cigar for the money
  • Answer: The RP (Rocky Patel) cigars are quite good , well done and flavorful .
  • Answer: Really depends on the brand of cigar. Hand-made cigars can range anywhere from $3.00-20.00 a cigar (rough estimate)
  • Answer: Cigars should always be lit using a wooden match....lighters degrade the flavor.

What is a robusto cigar?

  • A robusto is usually around 5 1/2 inch by 50-54 ring gauge.

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  • Answer: A robusto is usually around 5 1/2 inch by 50-54 ring gauge.
  • Answer: Hi, there is a guy who buys/sells & collectes cigar boxes & related items who may be able to help you... Email address: Its a good idea to take a couple pictures of the item your requesting info on and attaching it along w/the email. This guy is very honest on his price quotes and knowledgeable on the history these type of items. Good luck!
  • Answer: You can relight it. I think you are asking "what is making my cigar go out?" That is usually caused by storing your cigar in at too high of a humidity. Get a digital hygrometer and try to regulate down to about 68% humidity. They do not taste too good when they are too moist. Even though 70 % is the recommended some cigars like less.
  • Answer: it means that some people think that a cigar cannot harm you
  • Answer: A cigar is made of rolled up tobacco. Much like a cigarette but large and does not contain additives. There are two kinds of cigars: machine-made cigars and hand-rolled cigars. All cigars contain three kinds of tobacco: filler, binder and wrapper. A machine-made cigar is made very much like a cigarette. The filler tobacco is chopped--if it is cigar tobacco at all (there are several kinds of tobacco, and many of them are completely wrong for making cigars) it is the trimmings from handmade cigar manufacture, or it is leaf not suitable for making premium cigars. The binder tobacco is Homogenized Tobacco Leaf--a sort of paper made from tobacco. The wrapper is leaf tobacco. There are two kinds of hand-rolled cigars: hand-bunched and machine-bunched. A hand-bunched cigar has the filler tobacco (all tobacco is a hand-rolled cigar is long-leaf) bunched into a cigar shape by a worker who then wraps first binder then filler tobacco around it. A machine-bunched cigar has the filler bunched and binder applied by a machine, and the wrapper is applied by hand.
  • Answer: nicotine
  • Answer: Basically dry tobacco leaves rolled into a tight tube shape and then stored ready for smoking.
  • Answer: Tar levels can vary depending on the brand and size of the cigarsmoke. There is definitely more tar in cigars than in cigarettes.For every gram of tobacco smoked, there is more tar in cigars thanin cigarettes.
  • Answer: Many popular brands of cigars will contain between 100 and 200 milligrams, or as many as 444 milligrams of nicotine.Source;
  • Answer: I like coffee or water.
  • Answer: The native people of the Caribbean islands are given credit for inventing the cigar.
  • Answer: You are not to inhale a cigar. A nasty headache awaits you if you do. A cigar is to be tasted like a fine wine. Full your mouth with smoke, hold for a second or two, then gently "exhale". So people like to "exhale" through their nose as they say it helps you savor the flavor. I am not one to do this, it is a little harsh for me. Make sure not to over puff the cigar or it will become hot and harsh.