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Who found that mosquitoes bring malaria?

  • Sachin Tendulkar found it.

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  • Answer: Sachin Tendulkar found it.
  • Answer: Malaria causes Malaria... Idiot.
  • Answer: NO WAY are importing security is too good there is a slight possibillity that one or two might but it is nothing to worry about if you are that concerd ask your doctor for a shot
  • Answer: By feeding off of an infected Mammal (such as a human).

    And the Human gets it by being bitten by an infected mosquito. So it is a cycle.

    No idea where it began first.
  • Answer: I believe that malari in fests the mosquito with hobos parasites and the moswquito dies of chicken pox. Ten months later the malaria will go away and you have a zombie mosquito.
  • Answer: Some misquitoes in parts of the world give people malaria.

    mainly, you catch malaria from mosquitos that have been infected. they are infected by laying eggs and being born out of dirty water
  • Answer: No not all mosquitoes are born with malaria. The only way a mosquito can carry malaria is if it contracts it while drinking the blood of another animal i.e. an infected dog or human host. After the mosquito is infected it can transmit the virus to people very easily hopping from meal to meal on the necks, legs, arms and wherever else it may feed of the nearby population. This is how they cause such widespread panic.
  • Answer: They are fairly normal mosquitoes except for the fact that they carry malaria. You can kill any one of them in all the normal ways (insecticides, swatting etc).

    In malaria prone regions some attempts at disease reduction are often undertaken by using pesticides to reduce the mosquito population. This is somewhat effective but, unfortunately, probably never will succeed in completely eradicating the mosquito and with them malaria. The mosquitoes tend to develop resistance to the pesticides (so they no longer work) and there are just too many of them in hard to reach places for that to be successful
  • Answer: Malaria is caused by any one of four species of one-celled parasites, called Plasmodium. The parasite is spread to people by the female Anopheles mosquito, which feeds on human blood. Although four species of malaria parasites can infect humans and cause illness, only malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum is potentially life-threatening.
  • Answer: They suck blood but other peoples blood gets into your blood stream
  • Answer: Malaria parasites divide in your red blood cells. They are liberated from there, to invade the fresh red blood cells. This cycle continues to give you bouts of malarial fever. Some of the parasites get converted into male and female gametes. When an anopheles mosquito bites you, he sucks some male and female malaria gametes. They get combined in the body of mosquito to form the zygotes. These zygotes eventually travel to the salivary gland of the mosquito. There from they are injected in the blood of next host, before the blood is sucked, to give him malaria. Malaria parasites get multiplied in the liver cells of the host, before they attack the red blood cells.
  • Answer: Depending on where you are Yes Mosquitoes carry malaria and are responsible for the spread of a number of other illnesses as well.
  • Answer: Female anopheles mosquito
  • Answer: Not all mosquitoes are carriers but there are some that are, especially those from foreign countries