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  • Answer: The Holy Ghost. Once you are born again. Before the spiritual rebirth the devil is always with you and never leaves you. John 3:36 "the wrath of God abides on you".
  • Answer: Contact your nearest relative, a neighbor, adult friend, teacher or other person you trust and explain the situation and ask for their help.
    If there is no one to help contact a government agency such as
    Child Protective Services.
  • Answer: carbon dioxide chemical formula CO2
  • Answer: Leaves are made up of a stem (petiole), a leaf blade (lamina) and stipules which attach at the base of the stem.
    Leaves contain an epidermis that covers the surface of the leaf, a mesophyll (located inside the leaf that is the primary location for photosynthesis in the plant), and an assortment of veins that run through the mesophyll. The veins are made up of xylems (tubes that bring water and minerals from the roots of a plant to the leaf) and phloems (tubes that move sap produced by phtosynthesis out of the leaf)
  • Answer: Some leaves are used to reverse the effects of wet willies that can lead to minor brain tumors.
  • Answer: they die or they do not have enough water, therefore not producing sugars; causing them to curl which is a sign that they are dying.
  • Answer: If you leave leaves in the fall on your lawn, they will die and you will have patches of dead grass on your lawn next season
  • Answer: Leaves are found in all sizes just like trees, animals and people. Life has these pleasant varieties to keep us from getting bored I think.
  • Answer: a greenish paper-like thing with veins that bring juices to the tree.
  • Answer: If the person you like leaves you, simply ask them why they have left you. Then move on. If your finding it hard, then tell a friend how you feel, they will help ease the pain.
  • Answer: Biggest problem I can think of is if they somehow make it past your air filter and get back to your throttle body. May cause rough idle, low idle, hesitation, etc. I would think it would take a lot of leaves to really cause a problem, though.
  • Answer: there are three leaves on a typical shamrock. But of course there is the elusive four-leaved clover.
  • Answer: they shrink and shrivel up

What are the Benefits of lagundi leaves?

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