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  • Answer: I watched a program once, and the answer to your question is simple. Bottled water comes straight from the mountains, but as with tap water..tap water contains urine, but has been mechanically cleaned.
    Tap water will not make you ill, it is cheaper, so you may as well just drink it, enough people do!!
  • Answer: Bottle water is tap water, naturally purified (without usingchemicals that can hurt you) to get rid of almost/all of the germsand bacteria.
  • Answer: tap water is safer
  • Answer: Yes. Bladder water is often as clean or cleaner that natural spring water.
  • Answer: Tap water is not cleaner than bottled water. Some tap waters arebetter than others, depending upon where you live. There are twokinds of bottled water: filtered and distilled. If it does not saydistilled, it is filtered. Really good tap water is just about asgood as filtered water, while average or bad tap water is not asgood as filtered water. Distilled water is cleaner than filteredwater and it is the cleanest purest water that there is. (boricua94improved answer)Also most water regardless is the same. It has nogovernment regulations, In saying that if you really wanted to andhad the materials to do this, you could simply find empty plasticbottles, put labels on them and fill them with water. You couldmake about $1.50 profit max.
  • Answer: the answer is simple tap water contains minerals to help wash dishes bottle water is much cleaner
  • Answer: Tap water has chlorine and various metals in it. Filtered water has all those things filtered out. It is my opinion that bottled water is better than tap water. It is all I ever drink.
  • Answer: NO!!!
    bottled water costs so much more than tap!
  • Answer: While some water in bottles are distilled, distilled water is generally unpalatable as it has neither salts or dissolved gases to give it a proper "feel" in the mouth.
    Bottled water can be:
    • Natural source water (spring water, well water, etc.)
    • Distilled water
    • Deionized water
    • Rebottled municipal water
    • Water treated by reverse osmosis
    • Any of the above but carbonated

  • Answer: Sort of. Although water itself cannot rot or "expire", over time a plastic bottle will leach hydrocarbons into the water (especially if the bottle is exposed to head or light). This will first make the water taste bad, and eventually render it undrinkable. Water bottled in glass will not have these problems.
  • Answer: yes.
  • Answer: All brands like Aquafina from Pepsi, Pure Life from Nestle, Kinleyfrom Coca Cola etc provide pure drinking water. But I prefer PureLife as they use PET bottles, a fully recyclable and safe foodpackaging solution.
  • Answer:

    Follow the link then just click on your state on the US map. Unless you live in the jungle, prepare to be amazed.
  • Answer: As healthy as grannys toes.

What is the best bottled water to drink?

  • The most advanced water in the world is called Perfect Water, it goes through a 15 step filtration process. When I drink the water at the gym I feel super hydrated and have excess energy. I buy the water from a guy called Jacob Brown his email address is

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