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  • Answer: put it in the usb slot and all your documents should be there it runs by the mini hardrive in it.
  • Answer: Holds chromosomes to controls the cell.
  • Answer: It gives specific answers in every question you want to know.
  • Answer: the production of spermatozoa are regulated by FSH.

    Stimulates sperm cell production.
  • Answer: its a port to insert usb gadgets or cables to connect them to your pc. for example the ipod charging cable(used to either charge or to syncronize your ipod)
  • Answer: The powers and duties of the Bureau of Internal Revenue are:
    • Assessment and collection of all internal revenue taxes, fees and charges; and
    • enforcement of all forfeitures, penalties, and fines connected therewith, including the execution of judgments in all cases decided in its favor by the Court of Tax Appeals and the ordinary courts;
    • It shall also give effect to the administer supervisory and police powers conferred to it by the National Internal Revenue Code and special laws.

  • Answer: it is for balance and sound
  • Answer: The function of DNA is that it controls the cell. It is like a brain.
  • Answer: Function/Objective of NGOs are....

    1. Promote the interest of the poor
    2. Protect the environment
    3. Provide the basic social services
    4. To relieve suffering
    5. Undertake community development

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  • Answer: doodles are fun
  • Answer: Holds more liquid than a regular cup... Simple as that :P
  • Answer: The Inner Ear has two main parts that gives it its main function.
    The first one is the cochlea which is one of the three smallest bone in the human body. It is mainly functioning for hearing. The second one is the vestibular system. It is the one responsible for balance. The inner ear also converts sound waves into neural signals in a process called transduction and sends these neural signals out to the brain.
  • Answer: RDS CA is an audio function on car radios. It is a way of the radio finding the kind of station you like to listen and can enhance ones listening experience while driving.
  • Answer: bone or blood cancer

What is the function of the right artium?

  • The function of the right atrium is to act as a receiving and concentrating chamber for blood returning to the heart from its trip through the body systems. This blood is low in Oxygen and high in carbon dioxide. When the atrium contracts (beats) it sends its bolus of blood into the right ventricle of the heart which in turn will send the blood on to the lungs.

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