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  • Answer: an infection is where something gets passed on by someone else e.g sneezing or whislt having sex!
  • Answer: One way you may get ear infection is by being around someone who smokes. People who are around people who smoke are more likely to get ear infection than a person who is not around a person who smokes.
  • Answer: ICU infectins are types of hospital infections. These occur due to development resistanct strains [resistant to antispetic and aseptic precautions taken in hospital and ICU premises] of organisms e.g. pseudomans infection.
  • Answer: Bacteria.
  • Answer: wash you hands after any cuts or scrathes, to prevent dangerious bacteria getting into you system.
  • Answer: Saliva can cause infections. If that person may come in contact with another person who has a dasease or saliva comes in contact with an open wound on the body. If this occurs and burning,dis-color,tingle,or anything unusual occurs seek a doctor.
  • Answer: White blood cells
  • Answer: Eubacteria is a generic or catch-all name for any of dozens of different bacteria, some of which may cause ear infections. Refer to the links, below, for further information.
  • Answer: In kids, they normally prescribe Amoxicillin. If needed, they can prescribe stronger prescriptions. Along with an oral antibiotic, they can give you an otic (ear) antibiotic. Normally A/B Otic. (Antipyrine-Benzocaine)
  • Answer: Bacteria, Virus, fungus, parasite, protozoa, worm, spirochette, etc
  • Answer: My wife has just been admitted to hospital with gaul bladder infection. She has had two major oprations for bowel cancer in the last month.How will they treat her in hospital?
  • Answer: Urine infections happen for a variety of reasons. They are more common in females than in males.

    Common misconceptions are that they can be passed from toilet seats or from drinking too much coffee or tea.

    One way you can actually get them is from having unprotected sex without urinating afterward to clean your urethra.

    An overgrowth of bateria can cause urine infections. If the bacteria grows more than your natural bacterial flora (lactobacillus for females) it can cause a pretty painful infection.

What causes tooth infections?

  • !resident oral bacteria.

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