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  • Answer: The law states anyone unaccompanied must be over 12 before going on public transpot by themselves although on some trains it is 13 years not 12.
  • Answer: No, it is not bad to train at 17. I should know. Bye!
  • Answer: in a otorodotion
  • Answer: A common carrier, such as a railroad, has no obligation to allow unaccompanied minors as passengers. Whether they do and upon what conditions are matters the railroad can decide for itself. Typically they would want to be advised of a minor traveling alone so their employees can look out for the minor and ensure that the minor gets to his destination as planned. Somewhere around 12, or possibly 10 should be fine. There were two recent cases where children traveling alone on airlines went to the wrong city. Check with the railroad in question for their specific policy.
  • Answer: You could look up on a video sharing site, such as YouTube, or you could see it on a show that shows crazy things that happened, such as the T.V. series "Most Shocking".
  • Answer: When weight lifting, it is preferable to wait one day in between each training session to allow muscles to recover.
  • Answer: A train that runs on steam. But first you need the coal and fire and shovel.
  • Answer: daily stretches and Jogging and figuring out your Speed limit and pace
  • Answer: if you want to know how to strengthen your arm for baseball spread your legs each throw you make
  • Answer: The first train was built to carry coal from a mine in Wales, I think. The railway was short and narrow.
  • Answer: about 70 or 80 years old or the maximum
  • Answer: Air Resistance, Friction and Gravity
  • Answer: to find out how much a train weighs
  • Answer: The first train was invented in 1814,and the first car was invented in 1672.
    So, the car was first invented.
  • Answer: Always - Same as any other professional sport, about 10% talent and 90% sheer effort in most cases.

    This depends on what you mean with your question. Do you mean getting to the top in professional soccer or? I think to become a really good soccer player you will need to have a recent amount of talent and strong mentality. Of course you will need to practice hard 2!

Where do you train to become a phlebotmist?

  • Usually you train within the medical technology facility or unit ina hospital or clinic. There may also be other private institutionsthat have this kind of training for medical personnels.

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