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How do you prepare hypertonic saline solution?

  • For mammals, anything greater than .9% is hypertonic.

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  • Answer: For mammals, anything greater than .9% is hypertonic.
  • Answer: saline solution is salted water with 0.85% of salt
  • Answer: It is basically as solution of salt and water.

    There are many concentrations of "saline solution" the most common of which is "normal saline" which is 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl) in water.

    Saline solution is primarily used to irrigate and clean wounds. The irrigation force created by the spray is sufficient to dislodge minor foreign particles such as small twigs and gravel that may have gotten into the wound.

    In a hospital and medical setting, saline solution may be administered to aid in hydrating a patient. In Pre Hospital Emergency Care, it is often combined with other drugs (called a bolus). This dilutes the drugs and is administered through an intravenous line. A saline tube will state if it is fit for injection or not. The big tubes generally cannot be injected and will say "Not For Injection" while the smaller tubes are printed with "Injection Solution BP"
  • Answer: Table 2. Recipe for Making Saline (Salt Water)

    1. Use 1 gallon of distilled water or boil 1 gallon of tap water for 5 minutes. Do not use well water or sea water.
    2. Add 8 teaspoons of table salt to the distilled or boiled water.
    3. Mix the solution well until the salt is completely dissolved. Be sure storage container and mixing utensil are clean (boiled).
    Note: Cool to room temperature before using. This solution can be stored at room temperature in a tightly covered glass or plastic bottle for up to 1 week.
  • Answer: The solution you buy for contacts is saline...but it is buffered. If that is not available...plain saline is OK but can be irriting to the eye.
  • Answer: A saline solution enema can be used to cleanse and detox thedigestive system, including the bowels. It is normally made up ofwarm water and salt. Use this with caution since too much salt canmake things worse.
  • Answer: Sydney Ringer invented the saline solution.
  • Answer: A saline solution is a homogeneous mixture because its appearanceand composition are uniform throughout the solution. A substance issalt. A saline solution is a combination of the two substanceswater and salt. However, in the salt-water solution, the salt iscompletely dissolved in the water.
  • Answer: Do not douche regularly as it disturbs the flora of the vagina and can increase the risk of infections.
  • Answer: Saline solution is not a pure substance, but it is a homogenousmixture. The components of a saline solution are salt and waterthat are thoroughly blended. An example of a pure substance is justtable salt.
  • Answer: The mineral found in saline solution is salt (sodium chloride).
  • Answer: Saline is basically water with a minuscule amount of sugar and salt, which is perfect to rehydrate a person who is dehydrated.
  • Answer: wound infection prevent