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  • Answer: give her a trash can
  • Answer: Yes, you most certainly can.
  • Answer: I am not sure, but it if you are going to throw up, it is probably best just do it. When I felt like throwing up though I would take long deep breaths to soothe my stomach.
  • Answer: its not good because people now are suffering from buliema where there throwing up on purpose.when yu throw up your body is telling you that something is wrong.people somtimes thin ktht throwing up is good cause it flushes down your system but really its not,we flush our system by using the restroom[pooping and yurinating];;other than a fever cough and throwing up.its not good at all.;;;hope i bhelped email me for more questions;
  • Answer: I think my thiehs get fat.A person cannot eat 150 hamburgers ..Answer:
    The current record for eating hamburgers is 108 (Joey Chestnut of California n October 2007) so a "goal" of 150 is within the realm of possibility. The contest is to get them down, not keep them down after the contest. Competitive food eating records for hot peppers, hamburgers and hotdogs astound normal eaters.
  • Answer: Yes and no.
    They are the same in that both involve a material travelling from the stomach back up the esophagus and out the mouth.

    Where they differ is that burping is just a passive relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter to allow trapped gas to escape on its own. Vomiting is an active reflex where muscles are commanded to contract and propel the liquid out.
  • Answer: wind and its direction
    amount of force applied may differ each throw
    aiming skills
  • Answer: Throwing up can cause dehydration, which can cause a person to pass out and slip into a coma.
  • Answer: Well um.... I guess so!
  • Answer: any Chinese website and or china town
    make sure the blade is made out of stainless steal. and if you want a accurate knife then look into weight and length of the blade
  • Answer: It is most likely an allergic reaction, but you should definitely go to the hospital!
  • Answer: Swing your arm right round from your sholder, start with youre arm bent, then thrust as hard as you can, release the ball when youre arm has gone past youre leg and continue to swing youre arm round
  • Answer: Check out high-end knife stores. What you are looking for is United Cutlery throwers designed by Gil Hibben. You might be able to get them on the net also. An easy way would be to search "Buy professional throwing knives" on Google. The first few results seem good.
  • Answer: In the US I know that they are illegal in California, New York, Indiana, Massachusetts and Kansas. Several other states may have similar laws.
    In addition they are illegal in Canada, Germany, Switzerland Ireland and the UK.

Why do i keep throwing up after you eat?

  • Mabey to much food

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