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How many people suffer from Anorexia?

  • An estimated 1 in every 250 people is anorexic or has anorexia-like tendencies.

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  • Answer: An estimated 1 in every 250 people is anorexic or has anorexia-like tendencies.
  • Answer: There is no known cause to the disorder, but in my opinion personal feeling, a person who has low self-esteem. It causes the individual to feel rejection and an alleged pressure from society. As a result an anorexic person is always looking for perfection.
  • Answer: I spent 3 hours investigating your question by talking to many different nutritionists -
    Anorexia is a terrible ailment and many celebrities have met their demise via this clinical entity. To name just 17 who have had to deal with anorexia/eating disorder:
    * Karen Carpenter (musician/singer)- died at the age of 32
    * Margaux Hemmingway (actress)
    * Christy Henrich (gymnast) - died at age 22
    * Heidi Guenther (ballet) died at age 22
    * Paula Abdul (dancer/singer)
    * Catherine Bell (actress)
    * Susan Dey (actress)
    * Diana, Princess of Wales
    * Sally Field (actress)
    * Jane Fonda ("Hanoi Jane")
    * Jane Jackson (singer/performer)
    * Wyonna Judd (country singer)
    * Mary-Kate Olsen (actress - The Olsen Twins)
    * Sharon Osbourne (married to Ozzie)
    * Cathy Rigby (gymnast)
    * Meredith Vieira (anchor of Today Show)
    * Oprah Winfrey

    Actually half of those people didnt have anorexia,

    * Karen Carpenter - Anorexia
    * Margaux Hemmingway - Bulimia
    * Christy Henrich - Anorexia
    * Heidi Guenther - Anorexia
    * Paula Abdul - Bulimia
    * Catherine Bell -Bulimia
    * Susan Dey - Anorexia and Bulimia
    * Diana, Princess of Wales - Bulimia
    * Sally Field - Bulimia
    * Jane Fonda - Bulimarexia
    * Janet Jackson - Bulimia
    * Wyonna Judd - Bulimia
    * Mary-Kate Olsen - Anorexia
    * Sharon Osbourne - Bulimia
    * Cathy Rigby - Bulimia
    * Meredith Vieira - Anorexia
    * Oprah Winfrey - Bulimia
  • Answer: 85% of college age women have OR had an eating disorder.
  • Answer: Roughly 10% of all anorexics will die directly as a result of the disorder, or directly from a Sid effect from the disorder.
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  • Answer: No.
    In fact, "double jointed" means that they have more lax ligaments, allowing for increased flexibility, so they have more dislocations.
  • Answer: Suffering is a disturbance or irritation of the mindstream. It is an obscuration of the mind, or essence of a person, or, if you will, the soul. The opposite of suffering in Buddhist epistemology is not really happiness or even the cessation of suffering, but freedom from the polarizing concept that causes us to be attracted to some things and averse to others. Suffering is thought to be the result of confused thinking. People think that to be happy, they need to grasp at those things that they think will bring them pleasure. We are very attached to this idea; that having what we want will bring us happiness. It is actually that grasping, that attachment that causes suffering.
  • Answer: No one knows the answer
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  • Answer: There feet swell, their hair turns thin, their teeth drop out and their liver englargens which cause their tummy to swell.
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