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How far between Marathon FL and Ft Myers FL?

  • It is 255 miles according to Google Maps.

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  • Answer: It is 255 miles according to Google Maps.
  • Answer: The Fort Myers Airport or RSW is 20.5 miles from Fort Myers Beach which is located on Estero Island Florida. The zip code for FMB is 33931.
    Fort Myers Beach is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world due to its tropical climate, white sugar sand beaches and clear blue waters.
    Many local real estate companies in Fort Myers Beach offer free maps and vacation rental info to snowbirds and tourists.
  • Answer: precisely 15.75 miles taking this route:
    1. Follow signs to the EXIT and I-75 from the airport, then follow signs to I-75 NORTH to TAMPA.
    2. Once you are on I-75 NORTH, take I-75 NORTH to SR-82 (DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD) to FT. MYERS and IMMOKALEE at EXIT 138 (second exit that you will approach on I-75). Turn left off the exit ramp onto SR-82 (DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD) WEST to FT. MYERS.
    3. Go across Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd to Jackson St (first street past Lee St, which is just after Fowler Ave [U.S. 41]). Turn left onto Jackson St.
    4. Take Jackson St to Windman Way (first street that you approach on Jackson St). Turn right onto Windman Way.
    5. Take Windman Way half a block over to the bus station. Turn left into the bus station.

  • Answer: no
    it should be at least 10
  • Answer: It was because the royal family wanted to see the end of the marathon from buckingham palace
  • Answer: You cant get the2 for 3 deal here in marathon fla. Beacause no reasturant has it
  • Answer: 4,219,500 cm (42.195 km).
  • Answer: The famous messenger run from Marathon to Athens, which is about 42 km, to inform the Athenians that they had won against the Persians.
  • Answer: The presence of Pan , the mythological Greek god , at the Battle of Marathon was not recorded by historians .
  • Answer: During the Battle of Marathon in Athens Greece, an Athenian messenger boy called Pheidippides ran 26 miles to announce to the rest of Athens the victory they achieved. The Athenians defeated a larger Persian force at the location of Marathon. At the end of the messenger Pheidippides run he dropped dead from exhaustion.

    Today these long runs called "Marathons" held at places like New York include a distance of 26 miles.
  • Answer: It is 114 miles according to Google Maps.
  • Answer: It began in Marathon, Greece, back in ancient days. The legend focuses the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon (the namesake of the race) to Athens. He ran the distance between Marathon and Athens, dying upon arrival after exclaiming the Greeks had won the battle (circa 490 bce). When the ancient Greeks created the Olympic games, a reenactment of the race was included as a commemoration.
  • Answer: 50 miles following U.S. 1 (Overseas Highway).